Corrie star Michelle Keegan says Tina will feel “betrayed” by Tommy Duckworth

As fans of Corrie will know, evil loan shark Rick Whelan (Greg Wood) has passed on Terry Duckworth’s debt to his son Tommy, who’s being forced to secrete drugs on cars he’s working on to pay off what Terry owes…

And while speaking to Soaplife about how her character Tina McIntyre will feel when she finds out what Tommy (Chris Fountain) has been doing, Michelle Keegan also revealed that she’s not sure if Tina and Tommy can make it through the crisis and stay together.

She began by saying, “She feels totally betrayed he didn’t tell her about Rick. She thought they had a good relationship.

“Not only that, but they’re best friends who are meant to talk to each other about everything.”

When asked how Tina finds out about Tommy’s dodgy dealings with Rick, Michelle explained, “Tyrone borrows one of Rick’s cars and Tommy has a real go at him when he brings it back…

“Tina thinks his reaction’s strange. He’s not acting like himself and he hasn’t got a proper explanation for it.

”She follows him in Rita’s car [because] she suspects that something’s wrong and she wants to know what it is.

“He meets Rick and it’s Tina’s worst nightmare.”

However, even though Tommy then explains that he’s being forced into smuggling the drugs by Rick, Michelle said, “She feels confused and betrayed he didn’t tell her about this.

“She tells Tommy he has to call and tell Rick the deal’s off or she can’t trust him any more.

“Her dad died because of Rick and she doesn’t want Tommy going down the same path.”

But of course, things are far from over for Tommy where Rick’s concerned, and it’s all about come to a terrible head when Rick kidnaps Rita, demanding return of the drugs Tina’s taken from him.

As to whether Tina and Tommy can come out of this still together, Michelle said, “I hope so because I think they make a great couple.

“But they’ve been through a lot at such an early stage in their relationship… She might feel the trust has gone.”

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