Corrie star Mikey North wants Gary Windass to be a bad lad again

When Gary Windass was first introduced to Coronation Street, he was something of a bad lad and was shaping up to be a bit of a chav…

However, as time has gone on, he’s gone from man to boy via the medium of first joining the army – and having a pretty horrid time of it – to later starting up a relationship with Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston) and facing the prospect of becoming a dad.

But of course, sadly, Izzy miscarried and declared she doesn’t want to be pregnant again, however, her sister Katy (Georgia May Foote) may have a solution.

However, of his character’s evolution on the Street, Mikey North, who of course plays Gary, has revealed that he’d quite like it if Gary returned to his old ways, even if only for a while.

Speaking to What’s On TV magazine, Mikey said, “It’s been different obviously because when I first came in it, I was the exact opposite to this and he was the rogue bad boy…

“I’ve always liked the bad boy Gary, so hopefully one day that might reappear and we’ll see that side to him again.

“But for now, it’s nice to play the more grown-up Gary.

“I was just thinking back the other day about all the stuff right at the start when he was getting sent to prison every five minutes and he used to be really bad.

“I’m sure the writers will be able to think of something that will put me back in that mould again.

“There’s loads of routes they can go down.”

Mikey suggested that maybe at some point, the writers will revisit Gary’s PTSD, which of course manifested itself in the form of terrible flashbacks to his time fighting overseas.

He said, “I’ve always said that to stay true to that storyline, it should always keep cropping up, because that’s how it goes if you’ve got PTSD.

“So I’m sure at some point they’ll reintroduce that because that is how it would be in real life.”

Here’s a reminder of a time when Gary’s time in the army affected his behaviour…

He’s a really good actor isn’t he?! Which Gary do you prefer? The ‘nice’ version or the bad lad?

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