Corrie star Nigel Pivaro on Terry Duckworth’s Weatherfield return

As fans of Coronation Street will be aware, Nigel Pivaro is back on the cobbles to reprise his role as all round bad lad Terry Duckworth, who is of course Tommy Duckworth’s dad…

Not that Terry has ever been any kind of a dad, having ‘sold’ Tommy to his maternal grandparents when he was just a toddler, breaking the hearts of Terry’s own mum and dad, Vera and Jack Duckworth.

However, as Nigel has been telling Soaplife, true to form, Terry has no interest in Tommy (Chris Fountain) initially, but he soon changes his mind about that when he learns his son inherited money from his grandfather.

When asked if Terry has any regrets about what he did all those years ago when Tommy was just a toddler, Nigel said, “He doesn’t have any regrets about what he did…

“He justifies it by thinking that Tommy was always going to be better off with middle-class parents than with him or Jack and Vera.”

But no sooner has Terry arrived back on the Street than he’s brawling with Tommy!

Nigel explained, “They start fighting because Terry hires a tow truck to move Tommy’s clapped out camper van.

“Tyrone sees them and realises who Tommy is fighting with. Terry’s extremely shocked to learn that Tommy’s his son.”

However, Nigel added that Terry’s suddenly keen to land dad of the year when he finds out about Tommy’s money.

He said, “It’s like opportunity knocks! It’s not a fortune but it’s just the kind of money Terry needs to get his business off the ground.

“Terry lays on his wide-boy charm for Tommy. And Tommy’s naturally curious about his father.”

And finally, when asked if Terry’s going to be as much trouble for Tommy as he was for Jack and Vera, Nigel said, “Terry’s a survivor who always thinks about himself first.

“He’ll do whatever he has to do to get what he wants.

“If Tommy gets in the way of what he wants to do, well…”

Nigel concluded that for Tommy, “there are massive implications once Terry has gone.”

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