Corrie star Paula Lane on how Kylie helps Becky prove Tracy’s lying!

by Lynn Connolly

As fans of Corrie will of course know, Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) has been trying to find a way to prove to her ex, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) that his fiancé
Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) lied about the circumstances of her Christmas-time miscarriage…

And in forthcoming episodes – which form part of Kat Kelly’s exit storyline – we’ll see Becky’s sister Kylie Platt helping to get hold of Tracy’s medical records, which will of course show that she miscarried naturally, and not as a result of a fall down the stairs at Becky’s flat.

And today, the Daily Mirror reports that Paula Lane, who of course plays Kylie, has revealed how Kylie helps Becky prove she had nothing to do with Tracy losing her babies.

On why Kylie’s helping Becky, Paula said, “Deep down Kylie knows that Becky wouldn’t be capable of anything like that.

“She knows how much Becky loves children…”

Paula went on to reveal that it’s actually Kylie’s idea to get a look at Tracy’s medical records.

She said, “Kylie comes up the idea of getting hold of the medical records, but Becky takes it a bit far and decides to break into the medical centre.”

Becky is soon to be alerted to the real circumstances behind the miscarriage when her new boyfriend Danny – who’s played by Jeremy Sheffield – tells her that he saw Tracy being taken away by ambulance from the hotel he runs before Christmas.

On the subject of Danny and Becky’s new relationship, Paula said that her character is happy that her sister has found love again, and that she’ll get the chance to be a mum to Danny’s young son Billy, which is of course something Becky’s always wanted.

Paula said, “There is no rivalry anymore, it’s a clean slate. They both look like being able to start a new chapter – especially as Danny has a son Max’s age.”

And finally, Paula explained that she was sad to see Kat go.

She said, “I have had a good 12 months to get used to the idea. I have known pretty much since I started…

“But I do feel that Katherine has taught me a lot and there is no point in being upset about it.

“She has made such a mark on this show it just inspires me to achieve the same things that she has.”

We’ll see Becky’s departure from Weatherfield in forthcoming episodes.

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