Corrie star Paula Lane says Kylie wants to be David Platt’s “top priority”

In upcoming episodes of Corrie, we’re set to see Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) suffer a heart attack that she believes was induced by the war she has going on with her grandson David Platt over ownership of the salon…

Audrey of course signed the business over to David (Jack P Shepherd) last year, but now wants it back so that she can get some cash out of it to fund a round the world cruise for herself and Lewis (Nigel Havers) but David’s been having none of it.

However, after David realises his gran could have died, he relents and tells Audrey he will sign the business back to her.

But his ambitious wife Kylie, who is of course played by Paula Lane, is far from impressed by David’s actions…

And while speaking to Soaplife about the aftermath of Audrey’s health scare, Paula revealed that David’s going to have a lot of making up to do with Kylie before she gets over what she sees as his betrayal in backing down over the salon.

Paula revealed that Kylie’s anger makes her leave David, and she takes her son Max with her.

She added, “She can hardly think straight for herself at that point, never mind thinking for her 6-year-old son.

“Max just has to follow suit and that’s the very destructive way in which she behaves as a mother.

“She doesn’t think about what he’s witnessing.”

And when asked if this marks the end of David and Kylie’s marriage, Paula said, “I think there’s going to have to be quite a deep apology from David to win Kylie back.

“She’s very hurt. Their first year of marriage had gone so well – they got Max back and they achieved a lot together.

“She didn’t marry him for the salon, she married him because she loves him.

“She feels David shouldn’t have picked his mum and his gran over her.

“Now she needs to know that she’s his top priority and that she’s not going to be second-best to his family.”

We’ll see Audrey’s heart attack next Monday, April 23, and David’s change of heart about the salon soon afterwards.

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