Corrie stars Antony Cotton and Charlie Condou only speak to each other “when they have to” after huge row!


It’s been reported today that that cast of Coronation Street have been “split by a huge rift” between actors Antony Cotton and Charlie Condou, who of course play the roles of former lovers Sean Tully and Marcus Dent.

The Mirror reports that the actors “only speak to each other when they really have to” after having had a row recently which occurred after animosity between the pair reached a climax.

A show insider said, “It is an open secret that Antony and Charlie do not see eye to eye.

“There is a real divide throughout the cast and crew, with some people Team Condou and a few Team Cotton.

“They are both very different people and whereas Antony is quite showbizzy, Charlie is quite quiet and down to earth…

“They simply rub each other up the wrong way.”

The paper adds, “Things came to a head recently, when Charlie and Antony were booked to appear alongside one another on Paddy McGuiness’ Show And Telly – but sources close to Charlie say he was told he was not needed two days before filming.”

He was replaced by fellow Corrie actor, Chris Fountain.

Of that debacle, the source said, “Antony and Charlie were due to appear on Paddy’s Show And Telly but two days before filming Charlie was told he would no longer be required.

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“Although the official reason was because the bookers wanted a younger mix of guests, Charlie feels there was another problem.

“Charlie was gutted because he was appearing to raise money for The Albert Kennedy Trust, and didn’t want to let them down.”

Last night, a Coronation Street spokesman declined to comment on Antony and Charlie’s off-camera relationship, but said, “On set they have a great, professional relationship.”

Here’s a reminder of Antony and Charlie on-screen…

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One Response to “Corrie stars Antony Cotton and Charlie Condou only speak to each other “when they have to” after huge row!”

  1. Gary Marlowe says:

    Antony Cotton (“Sean”) should have been written out years ago. As a gay man, I find the character offensive. He is the sort of stereotype John Inman and Larry Grayson played years ago for laughs. Mr Cotton though takes his role and himself far too seriously.