Corrie: Steve McDonald and Eva Price turn detective with oucha magoucha results for Rob Donovan!

by Lynn Connolly

In forthcoming episodes of Coronation Street, Steve McDonald and Eva Price are about to discover that a paranoia shared is a paranoia doubled as they suspect that their respective other halves are having an affair…

Steve (Simon Gregson) is of course dating Michelle Connor (Kym Lomas) and Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) is about to be reunited with Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) and though she’s lost a lover before to jealous suspicion – that lover being Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) who ditched Eva after she wrongly accused him of cheating on her – Eva’s evidently not learned any lessons.

That becomes apparent when Michelle and Rob head off on a business trip together, and when Steve and Eva get talking about it, they suspect that the pair are in fact having a dirty weekend away together.

So, with their Miss Marple hats on, they head to the hotel that Michelle and Rob have booked into…

Once there, they blag the receptionist into disclosing Michelle and Rob’s room numbers, and while they find Michelle on her own and doing nothing wrong, they soon find Rob in a compromising position with a woman he met in the Rovers just days before.

Understandably, Eva’s not impressed, and her knee jerk reaction to Rob’s betrayal is quite literal as she knees him in the under-carriage…

Of the plotline, which we’ll see a week on Friday, a show insider told the Daily Star, “Steve is mortified that he didn’t trust Michelle.

“He’s desperate to get away before Michelle spots him and realises what he’s been up to.

“But with Eva kicking off at Rob and causing quite a commotion it’s not long before Michelle turns up…

“Eva knees Rob in the groin as Steve and Michelle watch.

“And once it’s all over Steve has some explaining to do.

“Eva is hurt and upset, so there is no way she is going to keep Steve’s involvement from Michelle.

“He has been paranoid about Rob for months and if Steve can’t trust her to work with him it could turn out to be a deal breaker for Michelle.”

Poor Steve, he’s such a klutz!

Here’s a reminder of one of his best bits…

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