Corrie: Steve McDonald will be “terrified” to tell Tracy Barlow that it’s Michelle Connor he wants!

Poor old Steve McDonald doesn’t have much luck with women. He’s had several failed marriages and endless brief relationships…

But one woman he can’t seem to shake off – ever – is Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) who is of course the mother of his daughter Amy, and as such, she always has a good excuse to stay firmly lodged in his life.

And of course, she’s desperate to win back his heart and live out a fairytale happy ending with him and Amy as a family.

However, Steve is currently trying to woo back Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) with whom he formerly had a relationship before he became an item with ex-wife Becky (Katherine Kelly).

And it seems Steve’s albeit clumsy approach to romance is working, as Michelle decides to give their relationship another go, but her decision comes as Tracy is in hospital where she faced a life and death battle with blood poisoning after a kidney infection…

And as we reported earlier, when Steve goes to visit Tracy in hospital, she gets very much the wrong end of the stick and thinks he still has feelings for her.

While speaking to TV Biz about the storyline, Simon Gregson, who of course plays Steve, has revealed that his character is “terrified” of telling Tracy that he’s not interested in being with her.

He said, “Michelle tells him to go and sort it with Tracy…

“He goes to the hospital, but Tracy immediately starts discussing where she and Steve might live and how happy they’ll be.

“The thing about Steve is that he doesn’t like confrontation, and he’ll do anything for an easy life.

“He likes to just go through life, have a nice girlfriend and have a laugh with Lloyd [Craig Charles].

“When crunch comes to crunch, he does think, ‘Right, I need to sort this out’, but he ends up just teetering around it.

“Instead of telling Tracy straight, he announces that he just wants to be on his own.

“He’s in this situation again where he’s stuck between two women – which is when Steve is, at best, terrified.

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but I would tell him to man up and sort Tracy out big time and get out.”

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  1. miffy on August 10, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    He should just get with Tracy, I find her personality sexy.

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