Corrie: Sunita and Dev reunite and get engaged, just as Stella dumps Karl!

In next week’s visits to Coronation Street, it’s all change in terms of Karl Munro and Sunita Alahan’s affair as she goes back to husband Dev, and Karl’s girlfriend Stella tells him it’s over between them and throws him out of the pub!

And it certainly is a quantum shift, given that in the last visit to the Street, we saw Sunita telling a broken Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) that his pleas to her to come back to him were pointless, while also telling Karl (John Michie) that she wanted him to tell Stella about their affair so that they could become a “proper couple.”

But of course, Karl disabused her of that idea, telling her that he had no intention of telling Stella (Michelle Collins) and even less of becoming Sunita’s partner.

However, in an upcoming episode, Eva, who is of course Stella’s daughter, is going to overhear Karl and Sunita (Shobna Gulati) having heated words in the back room of the Rovers, and when she storms in, demanding to know what’s going on, she sees Karl with the wad of money that he’d given to Sunita for safekeeping…

Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) puts two and two together and accuses Karl of having been gambling again, which is of course verboten since he nearly bankrupted Stella with his money-eating habit.

And of course, the money did come from gambling, but Karl had always intended to hand it over to Stella, but just bit by bit so she wouldn’t find out that he won it at a casino.

However, Eva runs to Stella to tell her what she’s seen – and heard – and a furious Stella reaches breaking point. Gathering up Karl’s things into bin bags, she tells him it’s over between them and throws his stuff, and him, onto the street.

Meanwhile, Sunita, realizing there’s no future with Karl, slinks off back to Dev, telling him that she’s sorry for everything and vowing that it’s him she wants. To prove it to him, she proposes to him – they of course divorced the first time Sunita left him – and they later joyfully celebrate their engagement in the Rovers…

However, Eva’s suspicious about Sunita and Karl, and she has a few words of warning for her…

Tune in next week to find out what they are!

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