Corrie: When Tommy reveals that Tina’s pregnant with Gary and Izzy’s baby, the Street’s residents turn against her!

by Lynn Connolly

Fans of Coronation Street will of course know that barmaid Tina McIntyre agreed to be a surrogate mother for Gary Windass (Mikey North) and his girlfriend Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston) earlier this year…

Gary and Izzy decided that surrogacy was their only chance of becoming parents after Izzy suffered a traumatic miscarriage, and vowed to never put herself through the trauma of becoming pregnant again.

And though Izzy’s dad Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) was initially hostile to the idea – particularly when at first his younger daughter Katy (Georgia May Foote) offered to have a baby for Izzy – he later not only came round to the idea, but also stumped up £15,000 in order to persuade Tina to have a baby for Gary and Izzy…

However, all along, and even though the £15k is to pay of HIS debts, Tina’s boyfriend Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain) has been vehemently against the whole thing, but when Tina told him that she was doing it, with or without his support he reneged and agreed to be there for her.

But the Daily Star reports today that when Tina (Michelle Keegan) finds out she is pregnant, Tommy’s gloom deepens…

And apparently, while Gary and Izzy celebrate the news in the Rovers, Tommy can’t keep his anger to himself and in front of the pub’s regulars, he blurts out that Tina’s only having the baby in return for cash.

And it seems that the residents of the Street will turn on Tina, with Stella Price (Michelle Collins) and Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) being the most vocal in their criticisms of Tina.

Stella declares that “renting her womb out” is “not normal.”

She added, “You can’t deny it. Did you really think this through?”

Meanwhile, Sally remarks, “You tell me, what guy would want to settle down with a girl who can sell her own baby?”

However, Tina defends her actions saying, “This baby was made in a lab and transferred in a clinic. There was no affair or love involved.”

Poor Tina! Here’s a reminder of one of Tina and Tommy’s many rows about the baby…

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