Corrie’s Kate Ford on her career hopes and Tracy Barlow’s wedding shock

by Lynn Connolly

Coronation Street star Kate Ford has been talking about her character Tracy’s shock when Becky McDonald gatecrashes her wedding – which we’ll see in Monday night’s episodes – but also about what hopes she has for her career.

On that subject, Kate told the PA, “I wouldn’t mind doing a comedy. That would be quite nice. Something like Benidorm would be good; something frivolous.”

Kate went on to say that she loved her role in the movie, The Affair of the Necklace, which also starred Hilary Swank, even though her character didn’t make it to the final cut.

She said, “That was fun, but that was quite scary because it had some big film stars in it; that was my first job.

“I was working with Hilary Swank, and because I’d just left drama school I was sat next to her in make-up and that was fun and bit like, wow…

“I was on the set of this big budget movie, though it was a really small part. I wasn’t even in the final film.”

As mentioned, Kate’s also been talking about Tracy Barlow’s horror when Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) gatecrashes her wedding to present Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) with proof that Tracy lied over when and how she lost her babies.

Of that, Kate told the Daily Mirror, “It’s her big day and she’s determined nothing is going to ruin it.”

But of course, ruined it will be, so in light of that, Kate was asked if Tracy regrets accusing Becky of pushing her down the stairs.

Kate replied, “Tracy shouldn’t have lied but she was desperate – she’d just lost her babies and didn’t want to lose Steve as well. She doesn’t think before she acts.”

Kate went on to reveal that once Steve knows the truth, he tells Tracy that he never loved her.

She said, “Tracy’s devastated. She knew in her heart of hearts that Steve still loved Becky and he was only with her for the babies.

“But hearing him say it out loud on what was meant to be the best day of her life, just destroys her.

“Tracy shouldn’t be able to blacken someone’s name to that degree. But some viewers want her to be with Steve.

“She is terrible, but people feel a bit sorry for her.

I think she deserves Steve but goes the wrong way about things. She’s obsessed, so she’s going to continue pursuing him.”

And finally, when asked if she, as a mother, would do as Deirdre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride) has done and lie for her daughter, Kate said, “It’s very difficult when it’s your child. It’s hard to say how you’d behave until it actually happens to you.

“I can see how Deirdre has behaved that way. She’s backed into a corner.”

Don’t miss the drama of the wedding on Monday night!

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