Corrie’s Kirsty Soames has ‘father issues’ says Natalie Gumede

Natalie Gumede, who won the award for Best Newcomer at this years British Soap Awards for her portrayal of pregnant police officer Kirsty Soames in Coronation Street, has revealed her thoughts behind her characters personality with regards to the upcoming domestic violence storyline.

With parents for Kirsty,who is due to attack fiancée Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) in the next few weeks, confirmed as joining the soap, Gumede has said that producers are planning to delve into the feisty and irrational police woman’s background to provide viewers with an explanation for her behaviour.
Gumede revealed that the arrival of Kirsty’s father, in particular, will help to shed some light on the dark surrounding her character, and show a very different side to her.

Talking of the domestic violence storyline, and the arrival of her parents, in her blog, Gumede said:”The tragedy of Kirsty – and perhaps a lot of people with a personality disorder like hers – is that she has so much going for her, and could be a nice person if she wasn’t so damaged by her past.

“She has already explained that her jealousy issues stem from the betrayal of her boyfriend having an affair with her best friend, and in upcoming episodes we will see the arrival of Kirsty’s parents.

“There is a very clear correlation between her father’s behaviour towards her, and her behaviour towards Tyrone – therein the circle of abuse continues.”

The actress went to explain how she hoped the story-line would have a positive effect for people in similar situations, adding: “Our safety is a basic human right, and one that we take for granted unless that human right is breached. Alan and I are able to leave Kirsty and Tyrone on set at the end of the day, but this storyline will hopefully raise awareness for those who aren’t so lucky.”

Watch Kirsty’s car crash when chasing Tyrone in the clip below:

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