Court hears accusation that a member of Jeremy Kyle’s chat show production staff “goaded” Jason McPartland into punching another guest! (VIDEO)

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Fans of Jeremy Kyle’s daytime talk show will of course know that guests on the show frequently become aggressive and often have to be removed from the set by ITV’s security team…

However, in a case heard in court yesterday, one former guest of the show claimed that he had been goaded by backstage staff into punching another man who was also appearing on the programme.

The Sun’s TV Biz reports of the production team, “They told , 41, that Darren Price had been calling him names.

“McPartland then went on stage and hit Darren, who was dating his niece, in front of a Manchester studio audience.”

In court, Gina Clayton, defending, said, “He was wound up to provoke a reaction.”

McPartland, who’s from Birmingham, admitted assault during the hearing and was handed a six-month community order and told to pay £50 in compensation.

Chairman of the bench Vanessa Goldstone said, “We see there was a lot of goading on The Jeremy Kyle Show.”

ITV said of the debacle, “We refute any claim that there was any kind of goading or provocation.

“The Jeremy Kyle Show does not show violence and neither does it condone it in any way.”

Jason McPartland

The edition in question was not aired due to the violence and the pending criminal case.

Here’s a look at the incident…

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