Cult sci-fi series ‘V’ to be remade, but can it be as good as the original?

V the original series
Do you remember the series ‘V’ as in, stood for ‘Visitors’? I do and it used to scare seven colours of you know what out of me but I find it hard to believe that ABC – even though they are one of America’s biggest TV networks – are going to pull off a remake with anything like the credibility and sheer shock value of the original. I just don’t think most remakes ever do work; do you?

However, in case you’ve never seen or heard of ‘V’, the original series centered on some extremely unpleasant aliens – The Visitors – who tried to take over the Earth. It only ran for a year but achieved cult status then and to those of us who are – sadly – old enough to remember it, it still does have cult status!

'Visitor' Diana in the original series

'Visitor' Diana in the original series

Marc Singer as Donovan

Marc Singer as Donovan

In addition to Marc Singer and Jane Badler, it starred Faye Grant, Lane Smith, Blair Tefkin, Jennifer Cooke, Robert Englund – of Nightmare On Elm Street fame – as well as Michael Ironside and Frank Ashmore.

This new version, just like the eighties version, will apparently open with hundreds of spaceships hovering menacingly over the world’s major cities. The new Visitors will also be the same in many ways to those from over twenty years ago; they’ll look human but they’re actually reptiles under their homosapean façade.

They’ll say they’ve come to “help” Earth, but their motives are evil and if the original is anything to go by, they’ve got nasty plans afoot for us Earth dwellers. Think intergalactic hostile takeover bid or cosmic corporate gazumping and you’re on the right track.

The Hollywood Reporter website states that – despite many similarities – “ABC will be giving the plot a new take” and of course, the new ‘V’ will feature all new actors and new scenarios.

US actor Scott Wolf

US actor Scott Wolf

The site also states that actor Scott Wolf will play “a career-obsessed TV newscaster who becomes the aliens’ propaganda outlet.”

You may know him from his roles in Party of Five and Everwood.

The pilot episode is to be written by “The 4400” co-creator/executive producer Scott Peters who says the remake will centre on “a female Homeland Security agent” who’s called Erica Evans.

She’s a hardworking, ambitious woman with “an aimless son” who’s got the usual teenager problems… everything’s boring, nothing’s fair, yada yada, so when the aliens arrive, Erica’s son immediately becomes fascinated by them and believes every word they say, which will, it seems, “cause tension within the family.”

Well, it always does when your kid gets in with a bad crowd, but until the arrival of The Visitors, probably the worst Erica might’ve expected was drug taking, rampant sex or partying… not eating live guinea pigs via an unhinging jaw and such like.

Here’s the scene that I’m referring to from the original series and I remember vividly watching it and gagging! The special effects look a bit lame now but at the time seemed horrifically real!

And unless you want your kids to have nightmares, don’t let them watch this clip… or any of the clips in this piece actually!

Another scene that sticks in my memory like reptilian goop is when a girl called Robin – who’d been impregnated by one of the Visitors – gave birth to twins.

Now, I know every baby is supposed to be beautiful and all that, but I have to say, I’ve seen some exceptionally ugly babies in my time but these two – especially baby number two – would be quite at home gargoyling through life above a church door… Ewwwwwwwwwwww

And finally, here’s the original premiere episode titles and intro…

This was a truly awesome show at the time and I’ll be very interested to see how the new remake turns out, but no matter how good it is, and no matter how much money ABC throw at it – and I’m sure it’ll be a lot – I just don’t think it’s going to match up to the original.

What do you think are its chances of being as good – or better – than the original? Let us know in the comments box below!

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