Cumbria: One Year On on ITV1

On the eve of the first anniversary of what has become known as the West Cumbria Shootings, families of those killed, and survivors, describe how they’ve coped in the aftermath of the tragedy.

On a fine summer’s day last year, in just a few hours, local taxi driver Derrick Bird, fired twenty-nine shotgun cartridges and eighty .22 calibre rifle bullets. He left twelve people dead, eleven seriously injured – and countless others in desperate grief and trauma – before taking his own life.

David Bird, Derrick’s twin brother was the first to be murdered. His wife Sue and three daughters, Tracey, Rachel and Katie speak publicly for the first time about losing the ‘rock’ of the family and their enduring feelings of guilt over the killings.

Local solicitor, Kevin Commons was the second to be shot dead – his friend and colleague, Tim Frost, also speaks for the first time about the importance of remembering how someone lived, not how they died.

The third of Derrick Bird’s victims was fellow taxi driver Darren Rewcastle – his family remain shattered by their loss and describe their daily battle to come to terms with the events of that terrible day.

Leanne Jarman’s fiancée Jamie Clark was shot dead in his car near Seascale that morning. Leanne talks movingly about how their plans for marriage had been well advanced at the time of his death, the almost unbearable feeling of loss and her remarkable determination not to let the tragedy define her life.

Innkeeper and survivor, Harry Berger emotionally describes the moment he was shot by Derrick Bird and how he’s now getting on with rebuilding his life.

The film offers a thoughtful insight on how very ordinary people have tried to make sense of and cope with an extraordinary and devastating event.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011, 10:35PM – 11:35PM ITV1