Dads’ full season order slashed by FOX to make room for new shows

by Nick Barnes

Dads FOX

Ohhhh dear! Not everything is as cushy for Seth Macfarlane and co as we first thought.

FOX has revealed that its original 22-episode order of Dads has been slashed… we wonder why?

The network originally announced back in October that it had picked Dads up for a full 22-episode order. The sitcom from Family Guy mastermind Seth Macfarlane struggled ever so slightly when it premiered earlier this year. The sitcom was met with criticism over its racist and demining jokes. However, despite that, the network ordered an additional six episodes before going on to reveal the show would have a full 22-episode run like the rest of its freshman shows.

Dads centers on thirtysomething video game designers, in which their father’s come in and wreak havoc with their lives.

TVLine reports that the network has slashed the original 22 episode order down to 19 episodes. Sources claim that the decision has been taken to make room for new shows such as ‘Enlisted’ and ‘Surviving Jack’.

Pish Posh! We say it’s to do with the ever mounting complaints and the dwindling ratings. Unfortunately, Dads hasn’t been performing well in the ratings for some time now. I’m not entirely certain that FOX will even bring the show back for a sophomore run.

Kerry Washington

Elsewhere, it was revealed yesterday that Scandal’s third season has also been cut from 22 episodes down to 18.

Unfortunately, there has been no official explanation from the network as to why this decision has come to fruition, but we suspect it has something to do with Kerry Washington baby news.

The announcement that the order has been cut by 4 episodes comes off the back of the news that lead star Kerry Washington is pregnant. It sounds to me like ABC and the studio doesn’t feel it is right to include Kerry’s real-life pregnancy into the storyline. Therefore, the only feasible way to get around that is to cut the season short.

According to one source, Washington is due to give birth in the spring, which, if correct, this will have an effect on the production of the latter episodes of Scandal – subsequently explaining why the order has been cut down.

The show is set to air its mid-season finale on December 12 before taking a small hiatus and returning on February 27.

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