Dancing On Ice results: Dominic Cork voted off!

by Lisa McGarry

Adding a touch of sparkle to our TV screens is the return of ITV’s hit Entertainment show Dancing on Ice.

Olympic skating superstars, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean return to train the remaining 11 novice celebrities.

Following in the footsteps of previous winners Hayley Tamaddon, Suzanne Shaw, Kyran Bracken, Gaynor Faye and Ray Quinn, our skating stars perform LIVE each week to win the approval of the all important Judges, capture the hearts of the Nation, and compete for the title of Dancing on Ice Champion 2011.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are ring side to preside over all the action and the Judges are on hand to deliver their verdicts.

Performances and Judges Comments

Chloe Madeley skated with Michael Zenezini to I Love Rock N’ Roll (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) and scored 19.5 out of 30

Jason (scored 6.5) said “You’re showing versatility, you’ve really come out there and thrashed about in that number. I want more reckless abandonment. I would have like more “hairography”……”

Robin (scored 6.5) said “I love the way you are attacking every element of every performance. Was it clean and technically correct? No. but it was a great start to the show.”

Emma (scored 6.5) said “3 different genres, ballad, pop and rock. Brave and entertaining if you keep it up you’ll be in the show a very long time.”

Johnson Beharry skated with Jodeyne Higgins to One Love (Bob Marley) and scored 13 out of 30

Jason Gardiner (scored 4) said “Can I applaud you for at least taking my advice and taking some dance lessons. Unfortunately it wasn’t applicable to this number. I have to be honest I lost interest…you looked very disconnected, look at your partner present to her as well.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4.5) said “There is a connection missing between you but you’ve got rhythm baby. It’s becoming a performance that we can enjoy.”

Robin Cousins (scored 4.5) said “Listening to the (other) judges and I agree with them, you need to connect it all the way though. Don’t let it become flat and samey.”

Head Coach Karen Barber added “There was a difficulty in the routine. I hardly recognise him though. This was a guy worried about wearing colour and here he is sequins.”

Jeff Brazier skated with Isabelle Gauthier to Better Together (Jack Johnson) and scored 12.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored 4) said “It was better than you’ve ever done. Surprisingly very well, kept composure, got to the roll up. Well done for making it challenging.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4.5) said “I feel for you so much, I actually felt a bit emotional, you’re giving it so much. I don’t know whether it’s your nerves, I really felt for you. It’s a nice routine, your lifts are great hopefully you’ll be here next week. Hide those nerves next week.”

Robin Cousins (scored 4) said “You have taken your basic skating ability to another level, your fall affected marks, but what you did will be noted by the audience.”

Kerry Katona skated with Dan Whiston to Disturbia (Rhianna) and scored 10 out of 30

Jason Gardiner (scored 3) said “Look what I said last week was you were too reliant on Daniel…still lots of lifts and very reliant. It’s not a partnership it’s a dependency, you’re using him as a crutch.

Robin Cousins (scored 3.5) said “I couldn’t tell you [if Kerry can skate] because we’ve never been exposed to it. I want Kerry, if she has the ability and enthusiasm to show us where it is. Everything was very focussed and clear but it worked for the routine you were given.”

Karen Barber answered Jason’s comments and said “Chris and Jayne choreograph them. Every week you seem to just be here to offend people.”

Vanilla Ice skated with Katie Stainsby to Always (Bon Jovi) and scored 16 out of 30

Jason Gardiner (scored 5.5) said “It worked in favour being more tentative, positive. You’re a terrific partner, you look after her on the way up and down. You need to refine your arms”

Emma Bunton (scored 5.5) said “You were a bit tentative of course you were! I hope you’re back next week to show us what you’re made of I think you did everything we asked for and think you’re a bit of a romantic.”

Robin Cousins (scored 5) said “You were majorly internalising. You could see that when you were looking down at the beginning.”

Dominic Cork skated with Alexandra Schauman to I Can See For Miles (The Who) and scored 11 out of 30

Jason Gardiner (scored 3) said “The thing I like about your performance is when it’s over. Not improving or moving on, in fact I feel its deteriorating. “

Robin Cousins (scored 4.5) said “I disagree. It’s strong, but the skating needs to be faster. You need to deliver from the neck up in the same way you deliver from the ankles down.”

Laura Hamilton skated with Colin Ratushniak to Whenever Wherever (Shakira) and scored 20 out of 30

Jason Gardiner (scored 7.5) said “I love Laura. She’s dynamic. Fully charged. You didn’t land the lift but you didn’t fall either, I love the two of you I think you’re a great partnership.”

Emma Bunton (scored 6.5) said “You always put everything in you can. I could see you thinking about the routine more than usual but you have something very special. I’m looking forward to seeing more.”

Robin Cousins (scored 6) said “It’s Fantastic to see, such gusto…..to have you at this level so soon in the competition is great.”

Jennifer Metcalfe skated with Sylvain Longchambon to Anyone Who Had A Heart (Cilla Black) and scored 18.5 out of 30

Jason Gardiner (scored 5.5) said “Where was the emotion? It needed to be fiery and passionate only saw it at very end. It wasn’t good enough.”

Emma Bunton (scored 6) said “The connection between you is wonderful but you’re not selling it as well as I know that you can. Be independent.”

Robin Cousins (scored 7) said “Sylvain is really pushing you, he’s one of the fastest male skaters but you are coping with what he’s giving you and you’re keeping up with him which is very commendable. “

Denise Welch skated with Matt Evers to Slow (Rumer) and scored 10 out of 30

Jason Gardiner (scored 3.5) said Actually you’ve marginally improved, The style was more simple, the lyrical style played better to your strengths, your lines need improving, coming out of stuff you are clunky so watch your dismounts.

Emma Bunton (scored 3.5) said “That was elegant and softer. Work on your core strength. “

Robin Cousins (scored 3) said “There were a few errors and skate wobbles, the slow number exposed you but played to your strengths, we can see the mechanics and that gave an emotional edge we’ve not seen in the past.”

Sam Attwater skated with Brianne Delcourt to Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen) and scored 25 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored 8.5) said “It’s like a skating Viagra, everything rises when you step onto the ice. People aren’t realising your Herculean strengths. The lifts aren’t easy and you make them look effortless. You’ve got that style down.”

Emma Bunton (scored 8) said “It looks easy but it’s not. You’re doing wonderful things. I also think you’re holding back a little bit and got more to give I think haven’t you.”

Robin Cousins (scored 8.5) said “We both agree it would have been a 9. Fantastic to see you attack it control it. Cohesive package. Musicality and tricks wonderful to watch.”

Comedy Dave Vitty skated with Frankie Poultney to Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Rae Cyrus) and scored 11 out of 30

Jason Gardiner (scored 3) said “I do enjoy watching you, I keep coming back to that, somebody so committed is so average but it’s enjoyable. Its fascinates me that you’re engaging but very average.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4) said “Worryingly his routine really suited you, confidence is back. Have you been line dancing with Chris Moyles? I quite enjoyed it.”
Robin Cousins (scored 4) said “It’s called smoke and mirrors but to compete with the bigger boys we need more.”

Karen Barber added “It was his best routine heart and soul in it that time, I was really enjoying it. There was a lot of footwork and timing, everything here is smoke and mirrors.”

After the judges scored and the public placed their votes, the two couples with the least votes were asked to skate again.

The acts that took part in the skate-off were: Dominic Cork and Jeff Brazier.

This week the celebrities had to choose who to save; and they chose;

Chloe chose: Jeff

Kerry chose: Jeff

Sam chose: Jeff

Johnson chose: Dom

Vanilla Ice chose: Jeff

Jennifer chose: Jeff

Comedy Dave chose: Dom

Denise chose: Dom

Laura chose: Jeff

With 6 votes to 4 the act the CELEBRITIES chose to keep Jeff Brazier