Dancing On Ice Results: Who left? Kerry Katona!

by Lisa McGarry

Tonight’s Dancing On Ice show saw the remaining celebrities taking on ‘The Ultimate Skills Test’.

Each contestant was required to demonstrate that they could perform a jump, spin and step sequence independently of their partner. Some managed, some didn’t, check out the details of each performance below.

Performances and Judges Comments

Chloe Madeley skated with Michael Zenezini to Little Bird (Annie Lennox) and scored 18.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner scored 5.5

Emma Bunton scored 7.5

Robin Cousins scored 5.5

Robin said: “Scoring tonight has nothing compared to what we have being doing in past weeks. There are up to 6 points for skills only so performance is up to 4. For me I gave you 1 for each, the spin was the strongest for me. Good speed on the foot work, but what was nice was the 3 elements were part of the overall performance.”

Emma said “I have gave you 1.5 for each skill, I love the fact you don’t shy aware from difficulty in your routine, for me you just push it every week.”

Jason said: “Interestingly enough, I thought the step sequence was in unison very good 1.5 I gave you for that, jump was a good attempt so a 1 for that, the spin was again a good attempt so 1.5. Your overall performance however I didn’t feel you were fully committing to the new ounces especially with arms as being a little bird it looked a little grotesque. I want Chloe to come back and give me the personality.”

Johnson Beharry skated with Jodeyne Higgins to She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5) and scored 14.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner scored 4.5

Robin Cousins scored 5

Emma Bunton scored 5

Jason said: “That’s the problem we are really focusing on your skills. I thought your steps and jumps were fair, you got through them, the overall performance was missing for me. The spin you only got half a revolution. I do applaud you for putting in the lift so well done.”

Robin said: “It has been a slow progress for you but it’s paying off. The steps were quite nice but very simple.”

Emma said “I think you seem to be more comfortable now performing in front of an audience which is great.”

Laura Hamilton skated with Colin Ratushniak to Stop (Sam Brown) and scored 25.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner scored 8.5

Robin Cousins scored 8.5

Emma Bunton scored 8.5

Robin said: “It can go as wrong as much as you like and that is what practice is for, you need to step it up which you have done tonight. A 2 for the steps, the same with the spin and 1.5 the jump.”

Emma said “Almost full marks for me, 2 for the steps, 1.5 for the jump and the spin a 2 as I couldn’t fault that. I want you to release as I can feel the nerves tonight.”

Jason said: “For me Laura you know I am huge fan, I gave you a 2 across the board for your skills, you just seem to flow all through it. There was great musicality and the only thing for me was the lift.”

Jeff Brazier skated with Isabelle Gauthier to Forget You (Cee Lo Green ) and scored 16 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner scored 5.5

Robin Cousins scored 5.5

Emma Bunton scored 5

Emma said “I adore Jeff and I do think you are a dark horse, and I think if you keep working this hard you can make this competition very interesting. I gave you 1’s for everything because I just think to attempt all those things you did is amazing but the performance lacked because you were concentrating on the skills. There wasn’t much performance and couldn’t see that gorgeous face of yours.”

Jason said: “there is no question that you have improved, I gave you 1’s across the board for your skills because for me you were putting in a lot of effect but it was messy and everything was sort of misplaced for me. We lacked the presentation and showmanship that I know you can give, you now have to marry the two together.”

Robin said: “I was 1’s across the board for much the same reasons as Jason. What I will say is that you are in the physical position were you have such great potential and you are being pushed, and given one of the most difficult jump combinations that we are going to see tonight, but it didn’t quite work.”

Denise Welch skated with Matt Evers to True Colours (Cyndi Lauper) and scored 16.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner scored 5.5

Emma Bunton scored 5.5

Robin Cousins scored 5.5

Robin said: “As an overall performance it just had a real natural calmness about it, if you were feeling the nerves and the tension you couldn’t see it. I gave you a 1.5 for the jump, 1 for the steps and a 0.5 for the spin.”

Jason said: “I am incredibly proud of you, tonight it is about what you can do and what you have proven and what you have done is quality over quantity, you did exactly what was required. OK the spin wasn’t great but your jump and your step sequence I gave you a 1.5 each for those because it was a really lovely quality and very controlled and assured now.”

Emma said “I think keeping it simple is the way for you because then you are able to perform and you were very sophisticated.”

Sam Attwater skated with Brianne Delcourt to She Said (Plan B) and scored 24.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner scored 7.5

Emma Bunton scored 8.5

Robin Cousins scored 8.5

Jason said: “Ok, for me the jump and the spin I have you a 1.5 as there was some difficulty, the step sequence I did give you a 2 as it had great flow,. You are a great showman but I saw your thought process. It wasn’t partnership this week.”

Robin said: “There were moments that you were skating the steps at different times, I gave you 2 for steps, 1.5 for spin and 2 for the jumps. Overall it’s great to see you pushing yourself.”

Emma said “I gave you 2’s throughout as I can’t believe that I am seeing somebody who is not a professional, I really enjoy watching you. Even though you had all those skills you still gave me a performance.”

Kerry Katona skated with Dan Whiston to Hush Hush (Pussycat Dolls) and scored 9 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner scored 2.5

Emma Bunton scored 3

Robin Cousins scored 3.5

Jason said: “What tonight proves tonight is that your skating ability is clearly on the endangered species list because it’s virtually extinct. You have been skating now for 3 months and I have to question what you have been doing all this time. You have given up on yourself and that’s a real shame because you started of very well and I have seen you slowly decline because you have lost belief in yourself. I just hope now that people are going to vote and their ability and merit.”

Robin said: “It has been a tough struggle for you which you have admitted and it feels like the last couple of weeks you have given into that rather than just go for it and really push yourself through. Having said that the performance last week and the performance level this week actually went up a couple of notches, I couldn’t give you anything for the spin, 0.5 for the jump and 0.5 for the footwork.”

Emma said “I gave you 0.5’s for everything as I like the fact you are attempting these things You felt quite replaced tonight and I thought after last week and being in the bottom two you would come out guns a blazing.”

Vanilla Ice skated with Katie Stainsby to Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice) and scored 22.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner scored 7.5

Robin Cousins scored 7.5

Emma Bunton scored 7.5

Robin said: “That was the best overall performance of the night and a great way to finish off the show. The steps lost it a bit for me but great upper body.”

Emma said “I know it’s about skating ability and you can tell you have performed to thousands of people, I am a big fan again.”

Jason said: “Tonight what it has proved is that you can ice ice skate, for me I gave you 1 for steps, 1.5 for jump and for the spin I gave you a 2.”

After the judges scored and the public placed their votes, the two couples with the least votes were asked to skate again.

The acts with the lowest public votes that took part in the skate-off were: Jeff Brazier with Isabelle Gauthier and Kerry Katona with Dan Whiston

The judges saved Jeff and Isabelle

Kerry said: “It’s been more than a skating competition. Thank you to the public for giving me that second chance, Dan thank you and to everybody else thank you.”