Danielle Harold was a waitress before joining Eastenders as Lola!

Danielle Harold has admitted that her life has completely changed since she landed a role on Eastenders.

The 19 year old actress recently made her first appearance in the BBC soap, as teenage tearaway Lola, who is the long lost granddaughter of hapless Billy Mitchell.

However, before landing the lucrative job, the blonde beauty explained that she was working for the minimum wage as a waitress.

Danielle told The Daily Star:

“I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I didn’t do very well at school because I became ill in my final year.

“I worked for a local catering company but I couldn’t stop thinking about being an actress.

“Every night I would search the internet for acting schools.”

After landing a place in Jamie Oliver’s ‘Dream School’ and later an agent, Eastenders was Harold’s first audition and she really didn’t believe that she stood a chance.

She added:

“It was my first audition. I never thought that I’d get the part, being on set was enough for me.

“I remember walking past Fatboy’s van and getting my friend to take a picture of me because I never thought I’d be back. It was surreal.”

Already viewers have taken to Danielle’s alter ego and many predict that she may become the new Stacey Slater of Albert Square.

The young actress admits that’s she’s having a ball so far and is elated at fan’s reaction to her big entrance. She added:

“She’s come in and caused so many problems for Billy but he adores her. As far as he’s concerned she’s his blood and that’s all that matters.

“And there’s a part of her that feels the same. She’s had a tough upbringing and needs some stability which Billy provides.

“I’ve already had letters from kids who have grown up in care homes saying how much they love Lola.

“I’ve been very lucky to have been given such a great character and I still can’t quite believe everything that’s happened to me.

“It’s been a whirlwind.”