David Essex is leaving Eastenders!

David Essex has confirmed that he is leaving Eastenders, after a very short stint on the show.

The former pop legend and heart throb joined the BBC soap as Eddie Moon just a few months ago, yet he has already called time on the role and decided to re-launch his music career instead.

David Essex is quitting his role in ‘EastEnders’ to re-launch a music career.

The sparkly eyed star revealed this morning that he finishes filming on the show this October, but his scenes will air right up until Christmas. He intends to release a new album in December in time for the seasonal rush.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning he said: “It’s been wonderful – really, really challenging, intimidating and it does take over your life, but I’ve been blessed because I’ve worked with wonderful actors.

“That was my circle that I worked with, and the level of performance from those actors and the pressure we’re at, it’s just incredible. There’s this kind of galvanised quality of a family under pressure! I really enjoy it.”

Speaking about his new album, he added to ITV1’s ‘This Morning’: “It’s got a lot of my previous hits and some new songs. I’m very pleased how it’s going.”

However, David’s ‘EastEnders’ alter-ego doesn’t look set to be leaving Walford quietly, as he admitted he has been working on a series of “powerful” exit plots, but producers are leaving the “door ajar” for a potential return in the future.

He explained: “Eddie’s story lines from now until October are phenomenal. They’re so powerful.

“They’re leaving the door ajar for me. It’s tricky. I’d like to go back, but it’s time, really. And I do feel blessed that I seem to be able to work in so many different mediums.”