David Hasselhoff on Mitch Winehouse’s Showbiz Rant

by Lisa McGarry


David Hasselhoff launched Mitch Winehouse’s new series on Liv in true showbiz style as the two protective parents came face-to-face to talk about everything from David’s music ambitions to Amy’s colourful love life. The memorable encounter can be viewed in its entirety in Mitch Winehouse’s Showbiz Rant, on LIVING’s new online channel Liv on Monday 2nd November.

As Mitch took David around the capital in traditional London fashion, David discussed his future aspirations, with a potential collaboration in mind – “I’m a major fan of Mark Ronson as well, and I’d love to someday continue my music with him.” When quizzed on how he goes about writing and producing, David stated simply “I’ll hear a jingle in my head or I’ll get an idea for a song, and I’ll take it to my buddies and (clicks his fingers) they’ll just do that in their sleep.”

David also empathised with Amy’s well documented problems, equating them to his own troubles – “The problem that I’ve experienced in my own life and some of the stuff that’s been documented about Amy is a universal problem, it has nothing to do with the music business. It’s just life man, it’s an illness, and what people don’t realise is that nobody wakes up in the morning and says let me have this problem.”

Whilst talking about Amy, Mitch later confided his fears on a breed of unsuitable suitors that have attracted girls in the music industry. Mitch explained “These guys, they’re like Vampires. There’s a term, there’s an area of London called Shoreditch, which is very trendy and they call them ‘Shoreditch Vampires’ and these are guys who look like Vampires, they only go out at night, they sleep during the day. They’re very skinny, they don’t eat, and you know, these Kate Mosses and people like that, they love these sort of guys, and this is the problem that our daughters have.” Fellow father David, who recently moved to the UK with his two daughters for a LIVING series, shared Mitch’s fears, summarising “They’re still little girls, no matter who old Amy is, she’s still your little girl.”

As the pair’s journey came to an end, Mitch took the opportunity to exploit The Hoff’s Baywatch contacts – “now that we’re mates, you got Pamela Anderson’s phone number for me?”

The candid chat takes place on Monday 2nd November, in Mitch Winehouse’s brand new series, Mitch Winehouse’s Showbiz Rant. The second episode airs on Thursday 5th November.