David King is ‘The Secret Millionaire’ – Channel 4 tonight

Sixty-two-year-old David King is one of the world’s most successful international musical theatre producers, with hit shows around the globe, and the biggest employer of dancers in Europe. David has an estimated fortune of over £20 million from making his own versions of successful shows. He’s known for his ruthless no-nonsense approach, but nothing could prepare him for the shocking event that takes place on The Secret Millionaire.

Based in Monaco, David shares his luxurious lifestyle with his 30-year-old ex-chorus line dancer girlfriend, but life wasn’t always like this; before David hit the big time he ran a small jewellery business, took too many risks, got on the wrong side of the law and lost everything, including his wife and family. His wheeler-dealer attitude put a strain on his relationship with his disapproving father, who passed away before he could see David turn his life around and become a success.

David is leaving his glamorous world of show-business to go back to his hometown of Leeds, a place he left with a cloud over his head many years ago. He’s going to South Leeds, where crime and drug abuse is an everyday reality. Here David pretends he’s researching for a new musical, but really he’s looking for people he may be able to help. He meets Yvonne, who has run the Cardinal Youth Group for the last ten years, helping to keep young people off the streets, despite having health problems herself.

David’s vast experience in dance leads him to get involved with dance group Dazl, a charity that was set up to improve the health of disadvantaged young people. They think he is there to get inspiration for a new show; little do they know he’s there to change their fortunes. He meets 70-year-old Harry Clements, who has raised money for the last 21 years for the Cardio Department at St James Hospital. David’s dad passed away though heart disease and meeting Harry forces him to confront the feeling of guilt he has about his father. Things then take a dramatic turn. While David is sitting in the passenger seat of a car, a thief jumps in and drives off without seeing he’s there. A terrified David manages to escape the situation unharmed, but it’s left him shaken. Will he feel the whole experience has been a massive mistake or will it turn out to be the best thing he has ever done?

Secret Millionaire returns to Channel 4 tonight, 9PM.