David Tennant Forgets How To Play Doctor Who


David Tennant has admitted that after taking so much time off from his Doctor Who role last year, he found it hard to play the mysterious Doctor when rehearsals began for next week’s Easter special.

Tennant took nine months off to play Hamlet on the West End and when he returned to record the Planet Of The Dead, he found it hard to get back into the Doctor’s mindset.

David revealed: “At the read-through for Planet Of The Dead, I found it quite tricky to get into the mindset.

“I actually felt that I couldn’t quite remember the Doctor’s voice.

He isn’t the only actor to find himself in this predicament, look at Billie Piper’s new accent when she returned to the show last year.

David continued “Coming back this year, for these specials, felt a bit like returning to the day job after a summer holiday.”

But he said things soon fell back into place.

He told Doctor Who magazine: “Getting on set, putting on the costume and being surrounded by everyone, is like slipping back into something very familiar. It’s like coming home.” David added he has not regretted his decision to quit — and said his time with the Royal Shakespeare Company was a good “test run” for life after the Tardis.

He added: “I don’t think the break has altered my feelings towards leaving. In a way, it was sort of the beginning of the end.

“I got out of the routine of being here, which is what’s going to happen. It’s good to remember that there’s a world outside and I still think I’ve made the right decision. The break didn’t make me regret it, but it did remind me how much I’ll miss Doctor Who.”