David Walliams addresses Come Fly With Me racism row

When David Walliams and Matt Lucas launched their last TV show ‘Come Fly With Me’, they found themselves in the midst of a controversial racism row, so what did David Walliams make of it all? The star told The Sun’s Buzz magazine:

“I was surprised by the ‘racism’ criticism…To put it in perspective, 17 million people watched the first episode and the BBC had 22 complaints. But me and Matt just want to make people laugh, not offend them, so we take even one complaint very seriously. As the show is set in an airport, which is a very multi-racial workplace, and we were representing 25 characters each, it would have been strange if they were all white, middle-aged men…none of our characters were defined only by their race. The biggest idiot was the white immigration officer Ian Foot. Yes, we played two Japanese schoolgirls who were obsessed with Martin Clunes. But to me that’s surreal. I don’t think we were saying all Japanese people are obsessed with Martin Clunes!”

David also spilled the beans about this year’s Comic Relief endurance challenge, which starts Saturday 5th at noon and ends the next day at noon, the challenge will see him take on 24 panel shows within 24 hours. He laughed:

“No one knows how it’s all going to go…The challenge is called 24 Hour Panel People and I’m attempting to film 24 different panel shows at the BBC in 24 hours. I’ll probably be so delirious by the end that I won’t be able to speak.”

So how does David think he’ll cope taking part in a live 24 hour challenge? – “For this TV challenge, I’ll be hosting some shows, or be a guest on others. It’s really weird. I think I can be funny for a little bit of time but I’m not sure I can be funny for 24 hours. By four in the morning, am I going to be delirious or just really grumpy? It’s quite scary because I’m going to be very exposed as they’re filming every minute of it all and streaming it live on the internet. I’m going to be in a bad way. There’s no way if I’m up for 24 hours that I’m going to be in control and coherent!”

David reveals another special project coming up as part of Red Nose Day – “I’ve just filmed the Fake That spoof with Take That – which is top-secret but will be shown on Comic Relief.”