David Walliams first book, The Boy in the Dress, to be made into BBC film for Christmas!

by Anna Howell


When you think of David Walliams you immediately think of the funny man from Little Britain who judges on Britain’s Got Talent and likes a good swim, but actually he has another skill which is getting more prominent by the day – Writing kid’s books!

Walliams has had a varied career in Entertainment from comedian sketch show writer and star to James Bond documentary front man, but it his talent for writing kid’s books that seems to be dominating at the moment.

Back in 2008 Walliams, whose real name is actually David Williams, signed a contract with Harper Collins to publish two kids books, The Boy in the Dress and Mr Stink.

Mr Stink was adapted for TV over the 2012 Christmas period, featuring Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville in the title role of Mr Stink, a homeless man who is befriended by a little girl. The amusing book, which is aimed at children from 9 years to teenagers, went on to be awarded the Children’s Award in the 2010 People’s Book Prize.

Walliams then went on to have four more kids books published: Billionaire Boy, Ratburger, Demon Dentist and Gangsta Granny, which was made into a BBC film starring Miranda Hart and shown on Boxing Day last year.

And it would seem that the BBC are keeping up their Walliams Christmas tradition as they have just announced that this year’s festive treat will be an adaptation of his first Novel, The Boy in the Dress!

Mr Stink

Mr Stink

The Boy in the Dress tells the story of 12 year old Dennis, who is a neglected child trying to find a female influence in his life. With several similar themes as Little Britain, the book depicts Dennis’ friendships’ with girls in his plight to fit in.

Walliams took to social networking site, Twitter, to announce the news, exclaiming that he was “very excited” for The Boy in the Dress to be made into a TV film.

Watch a clip of Mr Stink, starring David Walliams himself, in the clip below: