by Lisa McGarry

David Walliams talks about swimming the Thames, being ill and reveals that he won’t be doing it again. Michael Bublé chats about being a newlywed and admits that he hates his wife being a bigger star than him in Argentina. And Seth Rogen talks about his transformation from chubby Jew to Hollywood star…

In his first TV interview since contracting a stomach bug whilst swimming the Thames for charity, David Walliams tells Jonathan what convinced him to do the swim in the first place and what kept him going whilst feeling ill.

“I’ve been on the trips. I’ve been to Ethiopia and that’s where I agreed to swim the channel. I went to India and recently I went to Kenya,” explains David.

“On the third day of the Thames swim I got really sick and you just think about people the money is going to help. I know it sounds a bit goody goody, but it really does help,” he continues.

“I don’t care if I swim the Thames or not, it doesn’t make any difference to my life, but it could make a lot of difference to other people’s lives. But, it’s not just about me – me swimming on it’s own is boring, but the British public being so generous and parting with over a million pounds at a time when there’s a lot of economic hardship is fantastic.”

“I do think this is it now,” David goes on to admit to Jonathan. “I think because I’ve come out of this with a couple of injuries and an illness I think I need to step back.”

David married his wife Lara Stone in May last year and he admits he couldn’t be happier.

“She’s lovely and I feel very, very blessed,” says David of his wife, and when Jonathan asks how married life has changed him, David says; “You just feel really at peace when you find someone you really love and they love you too. So, you just feel like a big part of your life is settled and it’s a lovely feeling.”

When Jonathan quizzes David about his single life before Lara, David admits, “I was lost.”

David teases Jonathan by telling him that his wife had no idea who he was when she met him.

“Because she’s Dutch she didn’t know who anyone was. When she met you she said “is he on TV?”

International singer songwriter Michael Bublé is also a newlywed having been married to his Argentinian actress wife, Luisana Lopilato, for just over six months. She’s a huge star in Argentina, and sometimes Michael doesn’t like her being the centre of attention.

“She’s a way bigger name than me (in Argentina) and it actually pisses me off a little bit sometimes, because people will push me out of the way and hand me the camera”, Michael jokes.

Michael also tells Jonathan that he has invested money into an ice hockey team and so Jonathan has an ice rink brought into the studio and the guests are challenged to a game. It’s Canada (Michael and Seth) vs UK (Jonathan and David). Pictures are available from Rex Features.

Hollywood comedy actor and writer Seth Rogen arrives looking very slim. When Jonathan comments on his weight loss, Seth confesses, “I’ve thinned out. I stopped eating bacon all day, every day.”

Jonathan asks Seth if the success of his film Knocked Up put him on the map in movies.

“Before that I was just a chubby Jew and that made me a recognisable chubby Jew,” laughs Seth.

When the conversation comes around to sex, Seth admits that when he was young he thought it was never going to happen.

“I really thought it would never happen. The idea of it happening was literally like it seemed more likely that aliens would abduct me.”