Jennifer Saunders says BBC can’t afford a new French & Saunders series!

by Anna Howell


Iconic British comedian, Jennifer Saunders, has put rumours to rest that there will be a remake of her hit comedy sketch show, French & Saunders, by saying that the BBC couldn’t afford a new series.

French & Saunders ran for 20 years from 1987 – 2007 and featured Saunders, who is married to fellow British comedian Ade Edmondson, and her comedy partner Dawn French.

The hugely popular show, which was given one of the highest budgets in BBC history to create its detailed spoofs and satires of popular culture, movies, celebrities and art, featured several famous guest stars as well as picking up a shed load of awards in the two decades it entertained us for.

However, despite the show’s popularity and cult following, in 2006, both Saunders and French announced that their sketch show was now dead, and that they had moved on to more age appropriate material.


Now, with society firmly stuck in the phase of nostalgic resurrection when it comes to their favourite TV shows and pop groups, all eyes were on the bubbly duo, hoping that a reunion or comeback show was on the cards, especially as the pair came back together briefly for a one off charity episode in 2009.

But, alas, it would seem not!

Jennifer Saunders, who is also the genius behind equally popular comedy show Absolutely Fabulous, has ruled out a new series due to the BBC’s budget restraints, The Mirror newspaper reports.


Speaking to the publication, the star explained:

“When we first made the show there was a good budget. You could afford to make it look how you wanted it to look and you could do what you wanted.

“Nowadays we wouldn’t have that and it wouldn’t look as good as the ones we’ve done before.”

Both French and Saunders were awarded a BAFTA fellowship in 2009, an honour only ever achieved by one other comedy duo – Morecambe and Wise!

Watch French & Saunders in action in the clip below:

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  1. Darren on April 22, 2013 at 8:29 am

    You’d have thought that considering the amount of help they got in the first place from Aunty Beeb, now they are super megastars they would remember this and want to give something back to the BBC, even if the BBC couldn’t afford to do it fully with the budget constraints French and Saunders should do it anyway and use their own money to fund it as a thanks to the BBC for getting them where they are today. Without the BBC showing French & Saunders in the first place they would be nowhere, so maybe now it’s time to say thank you and do the BBC a special series, and use their own budget.

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