Dawn Porter: The Booby Trap On Sky One


Sky1 have commissioned a brand new documentary series on the issue of breast cancer in young women.

Dawn Porter: The Booby Trap follows the eponymous presenter on a very personal journey that explores the nature of breast cancer and the treatments, stigmas and genetics connected to the illness. Dawn’s mother and great-grandmother both died from breast cancer and here, Dawn wants to raise awareness of the disease as she discovers whether she genetically has a higher chance of developing breast cancer.

Across the two emotional and informative films Dawn meets women who suffer with the disease as well as having tests done to ascertain if she, herself, has the precursors to the illness. As part of the filming, Dawn will be taking part in the Moon Walk in Battersea Park on Saturday 16 May.

Dawn Porter, presenter and executive producer, Hot Patootie TV comments; “”I have wanted to make this film ever since I started working in TV. I feel like it’s the most personal mission I have been on, and despite the often distressing moments during filming I have never felt such satisfaction with a project. It has been an inspiring and exciting journey. I hope it will educate, inform and offer a different perspective on the condition.”

Andrew O’Connell, Commissioning Editor, Sky1, Sky2 and Sky3 comments; “Dawn is a presenter who presents the facts in an informative and engaging way. Drawing from her own experiences will be traumatic,but it’s this very personal relationship that makes her journey and this film so compelling.”

Jamie Campbell, Executive Producer, Eleven Film: “We’re delighted to be making such a visceral and personal film for Sky1. Dawn is a fantastic on-screen talent and has the emotional depth to unwrap this important subject-matter in a relevant, accessible way. I think these will be Dawn’s most vulnerable and hard-hitting films to date.”

Dawn is a journalist and television presenter. Previous projects have included the Channel Four series Dawn Porter, in which she lived as a Mail Order Bride, a Polygamist, a Free Lover and a Geisha Girl, as well as the BB3 series Dawn Gets… and the special: Superslim Me.

Simon Andreae (The Incubator), Jamie Campbell (Eleven Film) and Dawn Porter (Hot Patootie TV) are the executive producers. BAFTA winner Lee Philips is the producer/director. The editor is Danny Collins. The two films were commissioned by Andrew O’Connell, Commissioning Editor, Factual, Sky1, Sky2, Sky3.

Dawn Porter: The Booby Trap will air on Sky1 and Sky1 HD in July 2009.

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