Dean Norris talks about his Under the Dome, Breaking Bad characters – “It’s more fun to play the bad guy”


Dean Norris has spoken about his role on new hit CBS drama, Under the Dome.

Speaking to Parade, Norris said that his characters on Under the Dome and Breaking Bad are quite different to one another, but he finds it “more fun to play the bad guy”.

In his interview when asked about the two characters, he said: “It’s more fun to play the bad guy. I love Hank, but for six years I’ve been playing someone that’s trying to do the right thing.

“So it’s fun to be Big Jim. He’s like a reptile. It’s a delicious part”.

Norris has played DEA agent Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad for five seasons, but now plays the character of Big Jim in the TV adaptation of Steven King’s novel of the same name – Under the Dome.


Under the Dome is set in a small New England town which is suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by a huge transparent dome. Nobody can get in and nobody is getting out… The town’s inhabitants must deal with surviving the post-apocalyptic conditions while searching for answers to what the barrier is, how it arrived and if it will go away.

Norris will return to his role of Hank Schrader for the final few Breaking Bad episodes when they broadcast on AMC on August 11.

Meanwhile, Under the Dome managed to pull in over 13 million viewers for its pilot run last Monday evening, along with a 2.2 rating among the 18-49 demographic, according to ratings provider, Nielson.


In total, 13.5 million viewers tuned in to see the first episode, which is the biggest audience for a new summer scripted show on CBS since ‘2000 Malibu Road’ delivered 17.05 million viewers in 1992. It is also the most-watched summer debut for any network since NBC’s ‘The Singing Bee’ in 2007.

Its premiere also matched FOX’s ‘The Following’ as the second-highest new drama debut this year, whilst NBC’s ‘Revolution’ sticks in first place.

Under the Dome continues  Monday, 3 July on CBS.