Delirious John Bishop falls asleep during Sports Relief row, but makes it across the Channel with Davina McCall, Andrew Flintoff and Denise Lewis

by Lisa McGarry

John Bishop has finished the second part of his Sports Relief challenge, he has rowed the channel in 7 hours 45 mins with his team but he is broken with tiredness and unable to speak. This afternoon there were moments when his rowing team – consisting of Davina McCall, Andrew Flintoff and Denise Lewis – thought he would not make it.

Halfway through the journey Sport Relief tweeted:

“A pale and drawn John is very sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is really kicking in. He feels spaced out & hugely exhausted. That is half way. John out on his feet though.”

People that heard him on the radio this afternoon were shocked how “drunk with tiredness” he sounded. The comic was barely able to talk coherently during a live interview with Radio 1, with fellow rower Davina McCall having to step in.

John said a few hours before: “I massively underestimated how tough the cycle would be – there were 10 hours yesterday when I didn’t say a word to anyone, it was that fierce. If I had come across a phone box, I would have got in it and just called my mum. ‘I have so underestimated this challenge, it’s untrue. It’s absolutely horrendous. And rowing has got to be the most boring sport in the world. They’re saying it’s good weather for us, but if that’s the case then I don’t know what bad weather would look like. The boat is rocking and rocking!”

After 18 and a half hours of cycling and less then an hour of sleep it was only to be expected that the rowing wouldn’t go to fast. So the team arrived several hours later then planned.

Especially as John wasn’t really there anymore and Sports Relief again tweeted:

“John was so tired during that row that he actually fell asleep oar in hand. Bed beckons – but not before an ice bath!”

And tomorrow this tired man has to regain himself and start his long two day run to London!!

Good luck John!!

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This post was written by Britain’s Got Talent and Big Brother uber fan Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here.