Demi Lovato comments on the importance of a lesbian couple on primetime

by Martin


Demi Lovato recently joined the cast of hit TV show ‘Glee’ as singing waitress Dani who quickly caught the attention of Santana played by Naya Rivera and it wasn’t long before the pair shared a kiss.

The X Factor USA judge has commented on the importance of having a lesbian couple on such a big primetime show like ‘Glee’ and why people should focus more on the lesson rather than the sexual interaction.

Hitmaker Demi Lovato spoke with Latina magazine and discussed the kiss between her character Dani and Santana:

“Yes, we kissed in the first episode, but I want people to pay less attention to the fact that I’m kissing a girl.”


“Focus on the fact that having a young, multicultural lesbian couple on prime time is a huge step in our generation. It’s showing people that it’s okay to be who you are. Don’t be ashamed of it.”

Demi also discussed her recent birthday and related it to her recovery from trouble she went through a few years ago, she said:

“I noticed that there’s this perception, on turning 21, that you have to go out and get drunk. It’s different for me because I’m in recovery. I also want to set an example for others. You don’t have to booze it up – you can do something else.”


Away from ‘Glee’ Demi Lovato recently released the official video for her new track ‘Let It Go’ which is the soundtrack for upcoming Disney movie, ‘Frozen’.

From what we know ‘Frozen’ follows a young woman who is searching for her sister and Idina Menzel performs the version of ‘Let It Go’ which features as part of the movie but Demi Lovato recorded the soundtrack version.

If you haven’t seen the video for ‘Let It Go’ which was only released in the past few days then watch it below.