Demi Lovato confirms X Factor USA exit ‘I’m going back to my roots’

by Nick Barnes
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Yesterday, it was reported that Demi Lovato would be jumping the sinking ship that is The X Factor USA. However, last night the star put all the speculation to bed as she confirmed that she is indeed leaving the show.

Demi revealed that she started the show two seasons ago as a singer and a musician and that’s what she wants to focus on next year.

A source close to Demi basically confirmed the news yesterday, stating that she would like to focus more deeply on her music over the next 12 months. Since The X Factor process takes up the majority of the year, she unfortunately will not be taking part.

Speaking on the red carpet of The X Factor last night, Demi confirmed to press and media: “I started the show being a singer and a musician, and so I’m going to go back to that.

“It’s been really great but I’m so excited for 2014. I’m going to dedicate it completely and entirely to music, touring and making a new album”.

Additionally, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she is going to miss her fellow female judges the most… but I reckon she will miss Mr. Cowell as well.

The X Factor USA Judges

“Being able to sit next to Kelly [Rowland] and Paulina [Rubio] and see them twice a week, and also helping mentor the contestants,” she told the publication.

Cowell also spoke about Demi Lovato via his official Twitter account: “To avoid speculation. Because of her [Demi Lovato’s] tour next year it was unlikely she could do that and X factor.

“She and I have had our ups and downs but now consider her a true friend. The door will always be open. And thank you Demi. Simon.x

“As to what happens in the new year. Stay posted”.

Meanwhile, it could be that Simon is set to leave The X Factor USA following this season as well. The music mogul seems certain that she show will be back for a fourth season, but if it does he says that he may be taking on a “different role” on the show. Could this be confirmation that he’s looking to come back to the original British version of the show?

Are you sad that Demi is leaving The X Factor USA? Who do you think should replace her? Let us know in the comments below…