Denise Van Outen turns into sexy air hostess – check out the pictures!

Denise Van Outen transforms into a saucy air hostess in this week’s heat magazine.

Denise, 37, shows off the amazing figure that made her a lads’ mag favourite back in the day. Speaking to this week’s heat magazine, she revealed how she kept trim after the birth of her daughter Betsy.

She said: “I tend not to sit down very much, because I’m a busybody and I’ve always got to be doing stuff. I also did a trek when Betsy was four-and-half-months old, so that helped a lot. A lot of it is down to nervous energy. I have treats. I’m not an angel and I’m not strict. I would miss all of the things that I love. I had Nando’s yesterday, but I just had chicken and corn, not chips.”

Asked which celebrity she fancies, Denise admits: “I do think Mark Wright is a very good-looking chap. But you’d have to be very careful… He’s the sort of person I would have fallen for back in the day and then been left crying into my pillow while all my friends said, “I told you so.” He’s an “I told you so” kind of boy.”

On her dream acting role, Denise commented: “Hopefully, one day, I’ll be in the Queen Vic pulling pints behind the bar like good old Barbara Windsor. I’d love to do EastEnders at some point. I’m lucky that I stay busy. I’m about to do a film called Run For Your Wife – it’s a British comedy farce with Danny Dyer, Sarah Harding and Neil Morrissey – then it’s back to doing The Only Way Is Essex. [Grins.] God, I love it. I feel like my summer has been quite dull without it.”

Speaking about her love for her actor husband Lee Mead, Denise gushed: “I’ve been with Lee for four years now and he’s never made me cry. Not once. I’ve never felt anxious or worried about him being angry with me. It’s amazing. I’m very, very happy.”

In keeping with the theme of the photo shoot heat asked Denise if she is a member of the Mile High Club. She replied: “No, I’ve never joined it. I’d be too nervous. It would be so typical – I’d get caught.”

The full interview appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).