Derren Brown denies using actor for Apocalypse, and posts a video to prove it!

by Anna Howell

Illusionist, Derren Brown, has hit back at claims that he used an actor for his latest Channel 4 show, Apocalypse, and has posted a video to prove it!

Apocalypse, which concludes tomorrow night on Channel 4, is a two part hypnosis show in which Derren hypnotises someone and creates a world to make him think that the planet has been hit by a fatal meteor shower carrying a zombie like infection.

Critics began slamming Brown after last Wednesdays first episode, claiming that the man used in it, Steve Brosnan, was in actual fact an actor, as several people claimed to have seen him on an advert for Pot Noodles.

However, Brown took to social networking site, Twitter, to defend these claims, insisting that Steve Brosnan was picked after a thinking he had auditioned for a new games show, but failed after several interviews, saying:

“Conspiracy theory flying around that Steven is an actor, cos he looks like a guy in a noodle ad. I NEVER EVER fake stunts with actors.”

He continued: “Plus his whole family/friends would have to be actors too. And all REAL family/friends quietly killed…”

Just to make absolutely sure that his message had been received, he then posted a video on YouTube showing Brosnan, along with the Pot Noodle advert actor, to prove they were not the same person, watch the video in the clip below:

The first part of Apocalypse left Steve trying to fight his way through infected zombies to get to a safe place in Wales, where he believed his brother was waiting for him. The point of the show was to take someone who Derren believed did not value their life, or the people around them, and make them re-evaluate themselves by making them believe that the word as they knew it had come to an end.

Steve is to be joined on his journey by several actors playing parts to try and make him become a better person.

If you missed last week’s first episode, watch a clip from it below:


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