Dexter season 7 spoilers: New behind the scenes video – Debra questions everything she thought she knew about her brother!

by Lisa McGarry

Showtime have released a new behind the scenes video ahead of the season premiere of Dexter later this month and it’s a good one!

The clip casts a light on the relationship between Debra and her serial killer brother Dexter, with of course the big change this series being that she now knows what he gets up to in his spare time.

After she caught him in the act of murder in the season six finale, Dex tries to reassure his adopted sibling, saying:

“I’m still your brother. Nothing’s changed.”

But we’re not sure she’s buying his claims. Looking completely confused, Debs replies:

“Everything’s changed.”

Dex later shows concern as his sister sobs and he insists:

‘I just want to know you’re ok.’

But it’s not going to be as easy as that and she weeps:

‘I will never be ok.’

It seems that Debra is beginning to question all she thought she knew about her brother and in another scene, she grabs a quiet word with his childcare provider, asking Harrison’s nanny if Dexter often works late.

Other secrets may also be about to be revealed, as Deb is seen watching as her brother spreads his knives, the tools of his trade, on a table in his living room. She watches him closely in work too, walking in as he attacks a suspect in an interview room and it seems that the Mr Nice Guy facade does slip a bit, as Dexter warns his sister and his boss:

‘If you don’t get off my ass, something bad is going to happen.’

However, despite the tensions and the new territory in which the siblings now find themselves, it seems their long alliance will not evaporate instantly, so actor James Remar claims in the video, before adding, “Somehow they’re gonna try to make things work.”

Michael C. Hall added that he thinks the twist will bring the show to new heights and show the cast, the writing and the series at it’s best. He explained:

‘The show is always at it’s best and is most potent when Dexter is in hot water and the water is really as hot as it’s ever been now.’

‘I think we’re on the cusp of as fundamental a change to the show as we’ve ever been.’

Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Debra, added:

‘It’s quite powerful, the idea that she could put cuffs around his wrists and take him off.’

The seventh season of “Dexter” will kick off later this month, on Sunday, September 30 at 9:00 P.M. on Showtime. It will come to UK TV screens later this year.