Dexter season 8 spoilers: Does Dexter get killed?


Dexter’s final hour is nearly upon us and Showtime has stepped up its marketing by releasing a new promotional poster, which raises a very important question. Does Dexter get a taste of his own medicine?

The poster which has been released by Showtime shows the serial killer’s face covered with plastic sheeting – identical to the way he wraps up his victims. This most definitely raises the question as to whether Dexter fluffs it in the final season – it all has to come to an end somehow.


Earlier this week, two brand new teasers were unveiled for the first two episodes of the season which sees Dexter regretting his past.

The first of the two promo videos, titled “Killer or Innocent Victim” raises the question whether Deb, his adopted sister who has been roped into his messy life, is a killer or an innocent victim. The promo see’s Deb pointing the barrel of a gun toward the camera with blood rushing down the screen. Could Deb kill Dexter after all he has put her through? Will she be seen as a killer or just an innocent victim?


The second teaser titled “Behind the Mask” sees Dexter questioning his secret life. He seems to regret what he has done and over the past few years, his mask has been slipping.

He says: “I’ve spent most of my life behind a mask. Dexter Morgan by day, serial killer by night. But over the last few years my mask has been slipping, my cover lifted, my monster within exposed. How many more people have to suffer to keep my identity a secret? Can this charade go on forever or will I finally hit a dead end?”


“A dead end” could literally be one of the possible endings for Dex. Will Deb kill him or has someone else got it in for him? Does he have someone else to kill and the tables turn on him and his victim comes away unscathed whilst Dexter feels the full force of what he’s done for the past few years?

Only time will tell, but I can tell you I’m just about excited for the final season of Dexter. So many questions need to be answered, but how will it all come to a head?

The ending begins on the 30th June on Showtime.

Take a look at the first season 8 trailer, below:

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