Dexter Season 8 spoilers: Is Dexter’s secret life beginning to unravel? Is Deb a killer or an innocent victim?


Showtime has released two brand new teasers for the upcoming eighth and final (sad times!) season of Dexter.

Our favourite bat-crap crazy Miami serial killer returns in June for his final stint, but, how will it all end? Will it be him going bump in the night, or does he have some outstanding jobs to finish off before it all ends?

I’d like to say I know how it’s all going to pan out for Dexter and Deb, but it’s more fun watching the show week after week having Dexter grip you in the tangled, messy, sticky web that is his life. Although he busies himself bumping people off whenever he can and roping his poor adopted sister into things, I can’t help but like Dexter as a character. He may well have a sick, demented mind to enjoy killing people, but he claims he does it for a good cause – well, as far as good causes in these situations go.

However, is Dexter’s secret life set to be unravelled? The first of two promo’s, titled “Killer or Innocent Victim” seems to hint that Dexter has a conscience and regrets roping his sister into his messy life. He has regrets about what he has done in the past but how will it end? Will Deb be seen as a killer as well or is she just an innocent victim?

He’s heard saying: “I tried to protect her, but instead, I ruined her. I let my darkness touch the one person who kept me human. Who is Deb now? A killer or an innocent victim of my mistakes? She can live with my dark secret but can she live with her own?

Deb is seen pointing the barrel of a gun at the camera, blood then begins to trickle down the screen with Deb immediately looking like she regrets what she has done – has she been pushed over the edge?


The second teaser named “Behind the Mask” seems to hint that his life is beginning to unravel. Will people finally see the real Dexter? Will he be caught in the act or will he reveal all? In the Promo, Dexter is heard contemplating his secret life.

He says: “I’ve spent most of my life behind a mask. Dexter Morgan by day, serial killer by night. But over the last few years my mask has been slipping, my cover lifted, my monster within exposed. How many more people have to suffer to keep my identity a secret? Can this charade go on forever or will I finally hit a dead end?”

Toward the end of the second trailer, Dexter is seen lying on a slab wrapped in plastic sheeting, the same way he does to his victims. Is it time for a taste of his own medicine? Does this answer whether Deb is really a killer or an innocent victim? Does Deb kill Dexter?


Meanwhile, as we reported last week, 24 villain Julian Sands has been cast in season 8 to play wealthy international businessman, Miles Foster. Yvonne Strahovsku will also reprise her role as Hannah McKay – last seen in season 7.

There are so many questions that need answering and no doubt they will as the beginning of the end comes around on June 30th at 9/8c on Showtime.

Take a look at the “Killer or Innocent Victim?” teaser below:

Take a look at the “Behind the Mask” trailer, below:

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