Dexter season 8 spoilers: NEW behind-the-scenes trailer released, ‘The finale season will blow your mind’


A brand new behind-the-scenes trailer for the upcoming season of Dexter has been released, and it seemingly raises more questions than gives answers. The trailer gives fans an insight into what is going to be happening in season 8, along with a few words from cast members.

We know that season 8 starts about six months after LaGuerta’s death,  in one of the trailers we’re shown a memorial scene for LaGuerta. Dexter shows no remorse about what he has done but Deb takes LaGuerta’s death badly. She ends up turning to drink, drugs and sex to cope with what she has done.

The promo also shows Dexter becoming a little impatient with his beloved son, Harrison. In one of the scenes, Harrison is shown accidently knocking a vase off a table, in which Dexter seemingly goes bat-crap at him.


Dexter narrates: “Tonight’s the night, and it’s going to happen again, and again. It has to happen”.

Speaking about taking up the lead role, Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter said: “I decided it was a character unlike any I’d ever seen and I jumped at it. The final season is about a sense of legacy. It’ll blow your mind.

“This season picks up about six months later. We find Dexter on the one hand telling himself that things are good, but there are a lot of problems”.

Speaking about the events of last season’s finale, Jennifer Carpenter who plays Deb added: “Last season, Deb had to choose between killing Dexter or LaGuerta. Period.


“Deb is hitting a low point, searching for her bottom. I don’t think Dexter spends a lot of time thinking about LaGuerta’s murder. He’s confused by Deb’s reaction to it and her inability to move past it.”

However, in one of the scenes, Dexter is seen opening an envelope which contains what looks like a child’s drawings, depicting what Dexter has done. Further on in the promo video, Dexter is seen carrying Harrison out of his home, with blood on his hands. Could it be that Harrison is killed in he upcoming season?

Aimee Garcia, who plays Jamie Batista adds: “Anything goes this season, there is no safe zone. Anyone could die and anything could happen!”


The question is, how will it all end for Dexter? In a promo picture released last week, it seemingly points to the fact that Deb could murder Dexter, the same way he has murdered all his other victims. In another promo video, Dexter is seen lying under a piece of plastic sheeting – could Dexter have a taste of his own medicine and is Deb the one to plunge the knife into him?

Only time will tell, the end begins on June 30th on Showtime.