Dexter season 8 spoilers: NEW official 3-minute trailer unveiled – Deb turns to drink and drugs


A brand new, action-packed 3-minute trailer has been unveiled for the upcoming eighth and final season of Dexter.

Dexter season 8 is set to premiere on Showtime toward the latter end of next month and the new official trailer shows Deb turning to drink and drugs to handle what she did last season…

As fans of the show will know, Dexter roped his sister into his twisted life at the end of season 6, when she saw who he really is, since then and throughout season 7, Deb was just a piece in Dexter’s game, until she turned killer in the finale of season 7, by killing LaGuerta.

Season 8 kicks off with LaGuerta’s funeral, judging by the trailer, in which Dexter narrates: “A better person would feel bad about LaGuerta’s death but the truth is, it solved all my problems”.


Deb is seen going off the rails, in which she turns to drink and drugs as a way to block out what she has done – is she a victim or a killer?

In a previous promo video, Sarah Colleton, Executive Producer of Dexter said that Deb loves Dexter too much and she will do anything to protect him – which is what gets her into the sticky mess afterall.

Colleton said: “[Deb] doesn’t have the real feelings in order to love someone you have to have. She does have them for Dexter. All through the years, Deb has never been able to connect with any man except her brother.”

In the trailer, Deb is seen having some sort of relationship with a toy boy of hers which Dexter catches onto what is happening and confronts Deb.


“My life is none of your business, you made me compromise everything about myself that I cared about, and I hate you for it – I shot the wrong person in that trailer.” she tells Dexter.

As we reported a few weeks back, Dr Evelyn is back and she is the last person Dexter needs on his back. She call him for an urgent meeting, which she tries questioning him about a string of deaths in the previous season. However, Dexter isn’t happy and backs her into a corner, warning her off him – which only makes her more suspicious about the real Dexter.

He adds: “A crime scene might be the only place left where I can control the chaos!”


The question we’re all asking is, how does it all come to an end? One poster released by Showtime seemingly toys with the idea that Dexter may be killed, as he is seen wrapped up in plastic sheeting – the same way he wraps up his victims. Do the tables turn on Dexter.

However, in the promo video that has been released today, Deb is seen heading into the police station stating she would like to make an official statement – but about what? The previous night, she is caught Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and crashes her car – could it be about that? Or, could she be coming clean about Dexter’s dirty little secret?

Only time will tell… the end begins in 44 days…