Dexter season 8 spoilers: The cast and crew look at Deb’s journey from cop to killer and her love for Dexter


A brand new Dexter season 8 promo video has been released, in which some of the cast and producers look at Deb’s journey from being a really good cop to a killer. She has one Achilles heel and that’s the fact that she loves Dexter Morgan.

Sarah Colleton, Executive Producer says: “We have slowly over the years seen Deborah emerge as a really good cop. Her one Achilles heel is she loves Dexter Morgan – and that comes with a price!”

Scott Buck, executive producer and writer adds: “The progression of Deb from cop to killer was not a path she ever imagined taking.”


As we know, toward the latter end of last season, Deb had to make a big decision – she either killed her brother, or LaGuerta. Of course, she killed LaGuerta but she has immediate regrets about it. But, once backed into a corner when Dexter is on the scene, Deb will do anything to protect him as she’s in love with him.

Jennifer Carpenter who plays Deborah Morgan says: “Deborah was very green in season one. It has been about her exploring and sharpening her tools and practising using her edit button a bit.

“She’s always been in the midst of some great struggle, and last season, Deb had to choose between killing Dexter or LaGuerta.”

Deb was most definitely green when she first started the job as she was oblivious to what Dexter has been up to over the years, he managed to fool everyone.


Deb is heard saying in the video: “It’s like I’ve always been looking for someone like Dexter as a way to avoid the fact that I’m in love with him.”

However, in the teasers that have been released for the upcoming season of Dexter, Deb could be seen as a killer or an innocent victim and Dexter is seen laid underneath a plastic sheet, the same way he kills his victim. Could Deb’s love for Dexter push her over the edge or, could what she has done be revealed to everyone?

James Remar who played Harry Morgan says: “She was just an energetic person who just always managed to find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Colleton adds: “[Deb] doesn’t have the real feelings in order to love someone you have to have. She does have them for Dexter. All through the years, Deb has never been able to connect with any man except her brother.”


Finally, teasing what may be in store for the last season, Michael C. Hall who plays the serial killer himself, Dexter Morgan says: “There’s no doubt that Dexter backed Deb into a corner.

“Now that this cat is out of the bag, Dexter feels a sense of responsibility for what’s happened to Deb. This season is about what Dexter is going to leave behind. A lot of that is wrapped up in his relationship with his sister and because there is a direct connection between how Deb feels about him and his overall legacy.”

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So far, little bits of information regarding the last season have been released. We know that Dexter has regrets about his past, what he has done and what he has put Deb through.

The final season of Dexter begins on 30th June at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime.

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