Dexter season 8 spoilers: The name of the final ever episode has been unveiled, and will Deb find a happy ending?


The eighth and final season of Dexter is just 9 days away, and we have a few more spoilers ahead the shows return, along with the tile of the season finale.

According to online Dexter fansite – Dexter Daily – the final ever episode of Dexter will be titled “Remember the Monsters?” which seems like a fitting tribute to all of Dexter’s victims.

A number of weeks back, a promo was rolled out by Showtime, which showed Dexter hanging portraits of his victims on a wall. Dexter spoke about creating a legacy and a masterpiece. Not to mention, Dexter’s psychopath ways only come out to play when someone has done wrong – Dexter only kills his victims when they have done wrong, so the “Monsters” could point at his victims.

The title could also suggest that there is only one way out for Dexter, and that’s death. It has been teased a lot over the last couple of weeks, in the build-up to the beginning of the end. Promo posters have been released showing Dexter lay under plastic sheeting – the same way he wraps up his victims before he kills them to preserve the scene. One promo poster meanwhile sees Dexter lay on a metal slab, wrapped in plastic sheeting with his sister, Deb, stood over the top of him. Could Deb kill Dexter?


Speaking about whether Dexter should die or not, Sara Colleton, Dexter Exec Producer said: “I’m not trying to be evasive, but no matter how I answer, it will be indicative of where our thinking lies. Believe me, it’s been a huge debate for eight years. We know what we’ve decided, but we’ve also had to accept that we can only please ourselves because no matter what we do, there will be people and critics who hate it, but we’re doing what we feel is right for his series-long arc and what we want to say about Dexter, and by way of Dexter, about being a human being. We feel we have the right ending”.

As we know, Deb goes off the rails this season and she turns to drink and drugs as a way to suppress the fact that she killed LaGuerta in the season 7 finale, so save her Brother’s bacon – but it seems things have gotten a tad too much for her.

Debra’s love-life has also been teased in the lead-up to the forthcoming season – will Deb find love and happiness in the end? Or is there only a one way, destructive path for her?


Speaking about the messy romance angle of Dexter and Debra’s relationship, TVGuide wrote: “She’ll [Debra] be too busy dealing with her PTSD stemming from LaGuerta’s death to even consider some more brother-loving. Seriously, she really hates him right now. Instead, she’ll turn to Quinn in her time of need, which will really piss off Jamie. Hottest catfight ever, right?”

However, Scott Buck, Dexter showrunner has said that Debra may not have the same feelings for Dexter, as killing LaGuerta last season will always colour her feelings for Deter now.

He said: “It will always color her feelings for Dexter. But after everything she’s been through with him it’s hard for her to entertain any serious thoughts of romance with him. Her feelings are so much more complicated for him now.”

The eighth and final season of Dexter kicks off on June 30th on Showtime.

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