Dexter: Showtime president David Nevins says “the ending has been planned for a couple of years”


The end for Dexter is nigh as the show returns for its eighth and final season at the end of June.

At the premiere event on Saturday, which was filled with executives, actors and industry insiders, Showtime’s Entertainment President, David Nevins said that the finale had been “planned for a couple of years”.

The premiere event was held at Milk Studios in Hollywood in a warehouse-type room, in which the walls were decorated with massive key art posters from the eight seasons. Dexter’s box of blood slides, and props from the sets were all on show at the launch, giving the show a fitting end.

Nevins said: “I promised I wouldn’t start crying. It’s a privilege to be here after eight seasons and nine, probably closer to ten years since [executive producer] Sara Colleton read the book, Dexter Dreaming Darkly, and said, ‘I think there might be a television show here’.


“This show has really written its way into history and it’s been very important to the cause of original programming at Showtime. This show put us on the map and paved the way for everything that has come since”.

Speaking about the final season, Nevins went on to add that the final has been planned for a couple of years, but every now and then he would question whether there’s more life in Dexter and whether the show could go on.

“This ending has been planned for a couple of years and every few months or so I kicked the tires and said, ‘Are you sure you want to end? Are you sure you want to go?’” Nevins said “But they had a story in mind and [showrunner] Scott [Buck] and Sara and Michael and [executive producer] John [Goldwyn] stuck to their guns and they’re doing the end that they wanted to do and this is the beginning of the end”.


Dexter is set to return for its final run later this month, and the question on everyone’s lips is: How will it end for Dexter?

It has been speculated that Dexter will be killed off, and with Deb going off the rails this season and turning to drink and drugs – could it be Deb that kills him? Or is there another way out for Dex?

Only time will tell… tune into Dexter on June 30th on Showtime.