SHOCK! Glee’s Dianna Agron has run in with the cops after showcasing BAD driving skills!

by Emily H
Glee Quinn

Dianna Agron had a run in with the Los Angeles Police Department yesterday (June 19th).

Agron, who played Quinn of FOX’s Glee, was reportedly pulled over when she made what turned out to be an illegal U-turn in West Hollywood.

Whilst we’re not sure if Agron received a traffic ticket for her driving oversight or not, we do know that she rolled down her window to speak to an officer who then handed her something – which could have been either a ticket or just a written warning.

However, the blonde beauty didn’t let the little run in ruin her day, she was later spotted at a nearby petrol station in good spirits.


Whilst it’s not known where Agron was heading when she was pulled over, we’re also just as in the dark about whether we will see the ‘I Am Number Four’ in the sixth season of Glee.

Confirmed as the final season of the popular show, it has not yet been confirmed how many of our favourite New Directions (new and old) will be returning. What we do know however is the show will centre more around Lea Michele’s character, Rachel Berry, who revealed to David Letterman in a recent interview that we would see Rachel “somewhere we’ve seen her before, but doing something different”.

Could this mean out favourite Funny Girl is returning to the halls of McKinley High? Possibly. Jane Lynch, who plays the Principle and former Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester, let slip to Billboard that she thinks the show is returning to Ohio after focusing more on New York last season. “I think we’re going back to McKinley High”, Lynch revealed. “I think. I don’t know any of this for sure. But that’s the word on the street”.

Glee will return in early 2015 after the sixth season was pushed back to the midseason to allow the execs more time to work on the final ever season and of course, the series finale episode!

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