Divided returns to ITV1

by Lisa McGarry

Following a successful first run last year, Divided is returning to ITV1 this April. Hosted by Andrew Castle; Divided is a general knowledge game show with a twist. Three absolute strangers must work together to build up a shared pot of cash. But at the end of the game the money is split into three unequal shares. If the three can’t agree on who gets what share, they’ll lose the lot.

These strangers face up to 15 general knowledge questions and must answer each of them unanimously and correctly. As the contestants fight to make the correct choice, the clock is ticking and for each second that goes by without answering, money is lost. In Divided, time literally is money.

Throughout each pressure cooker round, Andrew Castle is in amongst the players exposing the weakest contestants, congratulating the most knowledgeable and stirring up the team dynamic.

Andrew Castle comments: “There have been some extraordinary games in this series of Divided; viewers will be gripped more than ever. Team work is the key to success but some contestants would prefer to walk away with nothing rather than let their opponents win even one penny.”

The contestants can choose to stop when the game gets too much for them and divide the money they’ve accumulated so far between them. The fund will then be split into three uneven shares – one large, one medium and one small – and the contestants themselves must decide unanimously who gets which share.

As the players plead for the share they think they deserve, the money depletes. For every indecisive moment money is lost…any time spent arguing and bickering sees the jackpot get smaller and smaller. Can they reach agreement before all the money has trickled away? It’s a must see ending to every game.