DJ Fresh slams The Voice’s Rita Ora! Why?

by Martin
Would you like to see Rita Ora on the big screen more often?
Is Rita Ora more bothered about being a big celebrity?

Is Rita Ora more bothered about being a big celebrity?

Rita Ora was recently confirmed as the latest addition to The Voice UK family taking the place of pop princess Kylie Minogue on the famous, red spinning chair.

When the singer first popped onto the scene she featured on the DJ Fresh hit ‘Hot Right Now’ and the DJ has recently spoken out about artists who are more bothered about being a celebrity than making music.

The popular DJ, real name Daniel Stein, used Rita Ora, saying she’s one of a breed of famous faces who are more interested in being “big public celebrities” than being a music artist.

Speaking to Digital Spy he explained he and Tinie Tempah are exceptions and different to their fellow stars, as they are “both focused” on their music.

Digital Spy asked the DJ to elaborate on the kind of artists he thought were more interested being big name celebrities.

DJ Fresh explained: “I guess someone like Rita Ora. Obviously I’ve worked with her but I think that’s a different sort of artist.”

“It’s somebody who’s kind of doing film and fashion shoots and is much more diversified and not so focused on being an artist. Then you get people like Jack White who’s completely the opposite. Different strokes for different folks.”

DJ Fresh

Discussing his time in the studio with Tinie Tempah he explained that they’re “both full-on” and very hard working and added that they are just “relentless”.

“I’ve had situations where I’ve been stuck in the studio with someone and been told, ‘You’ve got half an hour’, and it’s impossible.”

What do you think about the comments made by DJ Fresh? Is Rita Ora more bothered about being one of the “big public celebrities” as opposed to making music? Let us know below.

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