Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Mark Gatiss explains “wonderful” ending to An Adventure in Space and Time!

by Anna Howell

matt smith an adventure ins pace and time

Following the surprise appearance of current Time Lord Matt Smith in yesterday’s BBC2 Doctor Who biopic, An Adventure in Space and Time, writer Mark Gatiss has explained his vision when deciding to include it in the 90 minute special.

An Adventure in Space and Time, features David Bradley as the first ever Doctor, William Hartnell, in a biopic which brings to life the story of how the show first came about, broadcast last night as part of the BBC’s 50th anniversary celebrations for the Doctor.

Harry Potter star Bradley was joined by Claudia Grant, who plays Carole Ann Ford, the actress who first played the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan, as well as Jemma Powell and Jamie Glover playing the first ever actors to play companions Jacqueline Hill and William Russell.

And as we previously reported, An Adventure in Space and Time, which also stars Jessica Raine and Brian Cox, also featured a cameo from the current Doctor Who, Matt Smith.

Smith’s surprise cameo comes in the final scene of the biopic with the current Doctor Who having travelled back in time to acknowledge the first ever Doctor Hartnell’s “legacy” in the show.

And now the biopic’s writer, Mark Gatiss, has revealed his thought process behind it!

Discussing Smith’s appearance, Digital Spy report Gatiss as saying:

“It’s one of the things I had in my head for a long time. There were certain parts of this that I’ve been thinking about for years.

“I always knew I wanted to start it on the day of the regeneration, then use the TARDIS as a flashback device – because you can’t get a better one – and then come back when Patrick Troughton takes over…

“But then I had this idea – wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bill looks across the console… and sees Matt as the Doctor?”

aventure in space and time david bradley

Going on to describe how the scene was added to honour William Hartnell’s legacy in the show’s history, Gatiss continued:

“He literally looks into the future – ‘I’m still here, 50 years later’ – that’s what it’s all about.”

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, starring current Tine Lord and companion Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman as well as their predecessors, David Tennant and Billie Piper along with a guest appearance by John Hurt playing a never-before-seen version of the Doctor, will be shown in homes and cinemas around the world at 7.50pm on Saturday 23rd November – Watch the extended trailer for it in the clip below: