Doctor Who 50th Celebration: Matt Smith gets a little emotional as Steven Moffat admits ‘It’s hard to say goodbye’

by Nick Barnes

Matt Smith Jenna Louise Coleman Steven Moffat Doctor Who

Yesterday (November 24) saw the final day of the Doctor Who 50th Celebrations at London’s ExCeL and on the last panel of the day featuring Matt Smith, Jenna Louise Coleman and Steven Moffat, it all got a tad emotional.

Steven said that he is losing a “really, really good friend” in Matt, which is a “real and human thing” to feel. Matt added that he has had the best time of his life on the show and he’s grateful that he got to fly the Tardis.

Moffat explained to the crowd: “It’s about losing a really, really good friend and that’s what it is, it’s a real and human thing. It’s sitting here knowing that this is the final time that I’ll do a Doctor Who panel with Matt.

“From the terrifying beginning when Matt went outside and asked if anybody wanted him to sign anything and nobody knew who he was…

“It’s Matt’s Doctor that has taken Doctor Who to be the best in the world… Doctor Who has never done as well as it is doing now and so much of that is down to Matt. Now that’s all moving enough and hard enough to say goodbye to, but you can dig as deep as you like and you will never, ever find a negative story about Matt. Everybody adores him and he makes the crew work faster… Matt’s presence makes everybody energised”.

doctor who 50tth anniversary poster

Moffat even joked that a few weeks back, he invited Matt out to dinner and Matt was worried about learning four lines he needed for the show.

“He said ‘Well, I always set myself a task to have at least three ideas for every day so I can keep it exciting’,” he added.

On a final note, Moffat told the audience: “I’m going to miss my friend, I’m going to miss the most tireless, inventive actor I’ve ever worked with”.

Getting a little emotional on stage, Matt said that he has been lucky to have Steven as a friend in the industry and that it has been a pleasure to work with “the brilliant Moff”.

He said: “I’d just like to add as well that I have been lucky. Steven is my greatest friend in this industry as a result of having four years with him. Not only that, to work with the mind that is the brilliant Moff. The imagination – think of the monsters he has brought us and the characters… We’ve sort of had to do so much together, and it’s really sad.

“Thanks to all you guys as well, it has been the best time, thank you for having me”.

Matt Smith will be seen as the Doctor for the final time during next month’s special Christmas episode in which he will regenerate.