Doctor Who: Ben Wheatley says series 8 will be classic Doctor Who, and directing it is his childhood dream!

by Anna Howell
doctor who peter capaldi jenna coleman

doctor who peter capaldi jenna coleman

When it was announced that Kill List director, Ben Wheatley was being brought in to direct the eighth series of Doctor Who, there were a few eyebrows raised!

As this is the first series featuring the 12th incarnation of the infamous Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, it gives Wheatley a complete blank canvas to work with, which many believed would be painted dark.

However, as we have previously reported, Wheatley’s A Field in England colleague, Reese Shearsmith came out to insist this simply would not be the case, stating in a previous interview:

“It’s very prestigious to do Capaldi’s inaugural episodes. But I’m not sure that you could ever somehow visually taint it with your style.”

And now Wheatley has himself spoken out about what the show means to him, and what his plans for the future of it are!

Discussing the fact that working on the hugely popular BBC family sci-fi show is a ‘childhood dream’ of his, the director discussed what it has been like filming the first episodes, in a recent interview with Collider:

“It’s very good. It’s very tiring and it’s a lot of stuff to do very quickly.

“Peter Capaldi is excellent and I’ve been able to go into the TARDIS and do all this stuff I always dreamt of doing as a 9-year-old. So I’m in the process right now of achieving my childhood dreams.”

doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi

Meanwhile in another interview with io9, Wheatley described the sort of feel he wants form his contribution to the Doctor Who legacy:

“To have a unity that runs eight years… it’s pretty crazy. It seems to me the episodes that we’re doing now seem more like classic Who.”

As well as going on to praise Capaldi, who he describes as “a massive Who fan” who knows the series “inside out”, adding:

“He’s so good. You look at his career and you look at his performances… they are all so brilliant, and all so different as well. It was a lucky break for me, I think.”

Filming for the eighth series of Doctor Who began last month in Cardiff – Watch a clip of Peter Capaldi riding a mechanical horse in his first episode below: