Doctor Who Christmas: Jenna Louise Coleman hates saying goodbye to Matt Smith & Orla Brady praises Steven Moffat

by Lisa McGarry
Doctor Who: Time Of The Doctor poster

Doctor Who: Time Of The Doctor poster

Jenna Louise Coleman has admitted that she found it very ‘hard’ to film Matt Smith’s last scenes on Doctor Who.

The former Emmerdale star has worked with the actor for just over a year and took on the role of his assistant, Clara Oswald, in 2012.

On Christmas Day we will see Matt take on his final scenes as the titular Timelord and in a new interview with BBC breakfast Jenna revealed that she’s devastated to be saying goodbye.

The brunette beauty explained:

“It was so hard. Goodbyes are always sad and they’re never easy.”

She revealed how things went down during the last scenes and added:

“That day where we had those words to say, those wonderful beautiful words that Steven [Moffat] has written, we were just trying to avoid them for as long as possible and not wanting to look at the scene because it’s so beautiful and sad.”

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Steven worked hard on Matt’s last episode and admitted recently that he hated writing his pal out of the show.

He was as emotional as the rest of the crew when the time came to bid the actor farewell but Jenna insisted that the show boss did a fantastic job with the writing and storyline and continued:

“Steven’s very clever. There are lots of things that tie up very cleverly which have been maybe mentioned years ago and they come back into play now. It’s like this wonderful arc in a way.”

“But it’s very much a tribute to the Eleventh Doctor in every way and everything that has made him so funny and wonderful and sad and heartwarming. It’s a big celebration of all of that.”

It was announced earlier this year that Thick Of It star Peter Capaldi will step into Matt’s shoes as the new incarnation of the Doctor. Coleman has started rehearsals with her new co-star recently and she admitted that it has been a “very very different” experience.

“It’s a strange thing. We’ve been rehearsing over the last week but it feels like something VERY different,” she said.

“It’s kind of taken a whole different direction and Peter’s Doctor is very very different.”

Meanwhile Orla Brady has been opening up about her role in the Christmas special.

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The Mistresses actress will soon make her debut as Tasha Lem, a “galactic nun” and she’s been full of praise for Steven too, saying that she appreciates his casting of real women in the BBC sic fi drama.

Having lived in LA for a few years, Orla has gotten used to skinny, blonde actresses ruling the roost, so she appreciates Moffat’s desire to find real talent for his shows.

“He’s not looking for that babelicious thing you see on TV, where you start to think stories aren’t relevant to those of us our age,” she told The Guardian this week.

The 52 year old star might not have watched a single episode since the show was revamped ten years ago, however she has been getting filled in by her friends and revealed that former co-star Sarah Parish teased her saying:

“You’ll probably play a cyborg’s bottom.”

The Christmas episode looks set to be quite the treat! Are you excited? Leave your comments below….