Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014: Jenna Coleman CONFIRMED for festive episode!

by Anna Howell

doctor who the time of the doctor jenna coleman

Following the news yesterday that Nick Frost, Michael Troughton, Natalie Gumede, Fay Marsay and Nathan McMullen have all been confirmed for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Day Special, we now have news of one more, slightly surprising appearance… Jenna Louise Coleman!

Coleman, who plays the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s, companion Clara Oswald, was looking less than likely to take part in this year’s Christmas festivities after she announced her decision to leave the show earlier this year.

We all had assumed, as per tradition, that her exit would take place during the Christmas Day episode, but then Capaldi caused the rumour mill to go in to overdrive after he hinted that the character might not make it as far as Christmas!

The actor, who is currently midway through his first series playing the iconic space and time traveller, is previously quoted as saying of Coleman’s departure:

“I don’t know where these rumours started,” befor adding, “I’ve read that she may be leaving at Christmas, but I don’t even know if she’ll get to Christmas…”

This led us to believe that maybe her exit would instead be at the end of series eight, or if The Doctor actor was being clever his words and meant to intimate that she would indeed die during the festive episode, but before it reached the actual day of Christmas, like say, Christmas Eve?

Well, it seems that the latter of the two theories is looking more likely than the other now as the BBC have indeed confirmed that the actress will be starring in the yuletide adventure, which therefore, it will be her third appearance in a Christmas Special since she joined the show alongside 11th Time Lord actor Matt Smith back in 2012. Though whether she makes it to the end of the episode remains to be seen!

How do you think Clara’s exit will play out? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

In the meantime, Jenna of course stars in tonight’s episode of Doctor Who, Time Heist, along with Capaldi and guest star Keeley Hawes at 7.30pm (Saturday September 20) on BBC1 / BBC1 HD.

Watch the official trailer for Time Heist in the clip below: